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Warby Parker has a great prescription check app, you can see if you are eligible to take the 20 minute test and have a doctor review within 24 hours. It’s a shame to think of kids dealing with eye fatigue from screens, but such are the times we live in. While Warby Parker and Felix Gray are the most well-known blue light filtering glasses, Eyebobs shouldn’t be overlooked. Eyebobs are all about bold choices and finding your personality. So we laid out any dirt we found about this company in this section. You can buy Warby Parker glasses off their website. MEN; WOMEN; UNISEX; Warby Parker Blog. I love shopping online, because I know my wallet will thank me. If you second guess your frame selection, Felix Gray offers a 30 day exchange period. Their website has a very detailed fit guide that will help you think through what your face’s shape looks like and what size frames you should consider. Had I not used the home try-on service, I might have been a disappointed customer. But What about blue-light filtering? With online glasses, you’ll have to be careful not to pick the wrong glasses. Given they also appear exceedingly durable, it would be hard to beat EyebobsEyebobs for daily computer use. Warby Parker's affordable Harris takes the beloved wayfarer shape and gives it the DTC treatment. Eyebobs are a more affordable option than Warby Parker and with unique styling. I hope you’re now in a better position to decide whether Warby Parker glasses are the right fit for you. MEN; WOMEN; UNISEX; SUNGLASSES. ... Warby Parker At Home Try-on & Review! Felix Gray reviews, both on and off the brand site, are incredibly positive about the impact of the glasses. WarbyParker.com is the online home of Warby Parker, a company who says they began their business with a goal to create a boutique quality classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. Needless to say, as someone who spends ten or more hours each day directly in front of a computer, blue light filtering glasses are essential for me. So it’s worth a quick deep-dive that compares the two. You can find a retail store here. While EyebobsEyebobs does make bold design choices, that boldness is more sophisticated than it is artsy and will serve well as pop to your everyday wardrobe. Eyebobs are made from premium materials such as Italian-designed acetate and spring hinges, but while they make quality products, that isn’t necessarily what sets them apart from the competition. Warby ParkerWarby Parker is a game-changer. They enjoyed the fast shipping, nice frame style, and that they could talk to a real person whenever they needed to. Warby Parker turned the entire glasses industry upside down, and much of that is related to their innovative approaches to virtual and home try-on. 274 reviews for Warby Parker, 2.7 stars: 'The first time I used Warby Parker when they first started they were excellent. Eyebobs virtual styling appointments is definitely a more personalized approach than you might get from even Warby Parker’s online experience. My skepticism told me that the technology felt a little snake oily, but now I almost always wear them when I sit in front of a computer. Others say you may need to test out the lenses severally to get the right prescription which may be a lengthy and costly process especially if you live nowhere near their physical stores. Who doesn’t like to look good and feel like a million bucks? With all these options, you’ll first have to take eligibility test online where they’ll ask about your age, eye health, location and what not. And one study from the University of Houston showed that participants wearing blue light blocking glasses had a 58% increase in nighttime melatonin levels. I purchased Warby Parker non-prescription blue light glasses after my cheap store bought pair (of a brand I won’t name) broke. Blue light filtering glasses are relatively new, so studies regarding their effectiveness are just now starting to show up, but anecdotally they make a huge difference. Felix Eyeglasses in Pacific Crystal for Men | Warby Parker The latest on shopping with us. The Warby ParkerWarby Parker user experience, from free home try-on to in-app virtual try-on, allow online customers to make a decision they will be proud of for years to come. No longer do you need to awkwardly try on glasses at the doc, or purchase online in hopes you found a pair of glasses that fit. Not only are professionals starting to recommend blue light blocking lenses, but they have made a massive difference for me too. The pixel functionality even enables you to try different colors of the same frame before choosing to try a new set of frames. I was a little hesitant to deal with the home try-on and return because I thought the process would be a hassle, but I was wrong about the hassle, and now I have the perfect glasses for me. Comprehensive Eye Exam – you can also have a doctor examine your eyes and get a new glasses prescription. Warby Parker … If this seems like a solution you might work towards, I think it is a worthy investment. Although Warby Parker covered the cost for the purpose of my review, I consider that a very fair price for glasses. And blue light filtering glasses can reduce eye strain and headaches, so you can keep that good feeling going. Even so, Warby Parker stays true to its online roots by offering free home try-on. I tried four different home try-on services. Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses Review. And all of the lenses feature blue light filtering technology, as Pixel’s priority is easing the strain on your eyes caused by frequent computer usage. Felix Gray’s glasses solve two significant problems. This is my try-on/ review of the glasses company, Warby Parker. More Real Reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. They also have a few extra lens and treatment options: Multifocal/Progressive: +$149 Whether you’re looking for eyeglasses, sunglasses or contacts, Warby Parker is worth checking out. In a head to head comparison, Felix Gray is cheaper for people who do NOT need prescription lenses. Thanks to the internet you can now buy glasses online from companies like Warby Parker. Warby Parker has three ways you can use to get your prescription. Rather than put some awkwardly generated eyewear image on your face, Eyebob facilitates you working with a stylist to pick the perfect pair of glasses. Warby Parker sells the highest quality glasses on the market, and blue-light filtering can be added to any pair of glasses, prescription or non-prescription. Well, I’m here to say there are some great Warby Parker alternatives out there. Warby Parker doesn’t make rimless frames, but the Clare is pretty close with it’s semi-rimless look. Prescription Check App – you can use this option at home where you’ll first answer a few eligibility questions first then use the in-app features to get your prescription. Well some customers say you’ll need to be accurate while getting a prescription. 5 Things You Need to Know About My Warby Parker Review * Affiliate Disclaimer: This page contains some affiliate links. Warby Parker Glasses Home Try-On Unboxing Review & First Impressions - Duration: 10:19. We like virtual styling appointments because it is a balanced combination of modern technology and human touch. In general, you can choose from the following lenses: The lenses are either light responsive or the standard clear lenses. Still, many professionals are starting to recommend blue light glasses because of the benefits they have seen in their practices. Best of all, because the technology is embedded, Felix Gray glasses don’t have an annoying reflective coating, and the tint is so subtle it is unnoticeable while wearing the glasses. Just pick an appointment time through Eyebobs website, and then provide a little information about your needs and personality to give the stylist a starting point. But why purchase Felix Gray over any other brand? We think you will be pleasantly surprised with both the Eyebobs experience and their product. While competitors like Warby Parker make eyewear with optional blue light filtering, Felix Gray’s blue light filtering technology is at the heart of everything they do and all the products they sell. They also sell accessories including lens-cleaning kits, pouches and self-help books. Eyebobs doesn’t have a formalized home try-on program like Warby Parker, but they do have free U.S. shipping and 90-day risk-free returns. If you like trying out frames before buying them then you’re in for a treat here. Somehow they do all of this while maintaining professional styling. However, both brands start around $145 for prescription lenses, and you’ll spend up for the frames. For many people, including us, they are life-changing. They also have a 30-day returns and exchanges policy where they’ll set you up with a full refund or exchange if you don’t like what you bought. You can then order the one (or ones) you like. What are the best solar panel kits? I did the 5 pairs of glasses at home trial. Warby Parker is popular for one thing. Their frames are high-quality and stylish too, but for Felix Gray, it all starts with wellness, and eye wellness starts with innovative lens technology. Windsor Collection. Honest Review of Blue Light Glasses by Warby Parker Why I Purchased Them. Felix Gray and Eyebobs offer virtual stylists. The company is registered as JAND Inc., and is headquartered in New York City. The staff was helpful and friendly. Warby Parker Home Try On Review**Help Me Choose The Perfect Pair!!! Felix is available in medium width If your face is average in size, which is the most common option, this frame should fit you well. I had 3 transactions with Warby Parker this year. When I first opened my Eyebobs and tried them on, I was immediately struck by how sturdy they felt. Home try-on orders take 5 business days. And no, Warby Parker doesn’t sell sleep glasses. Warby Parker is a socially conscious company with a clear website as well as good customer service and solid reviews. In this Cosmopolitan review, we explain why Warby Parker glasses are a great deal. Eyebobs has been around since 2001, so while they may not be a household name in your circles, the company is experienced, and they know what they are doing. The headaches were painful and distracting. You also get a full-year no scratch warranty where they’ll replace the lenses at no cost if they develop scratches during the first year of purchase. Fortunately, Felix GrayFelix Gray offers a few main features to ease this leap of faith. Poor Service now. The blue light filtering glasses filter out 50% of all blue light and around 90% of the blue light’s highest range. Pixel primarily addresses this problem through their virtual try-on feature. There’s a huge selection of frames in stock you can choose from. Please help me choose! SwagBucks.com is another great place to start. For contact lenses, they only ship to the US excluding Maine. Scout by Warby Parker; Accessories; Gift cards; Shop Online. And once assembled, each pair of glasses is hand-buffed and adjusted. Warby Parker sets the standard in the glasses industry. We compared Felix Gray vs. Warby Parker vs. Pixel vs. Eyebobs to help you determine which brand fits your needs. Obviously you need to be careful and get the proper eye prescription. The brand doesn’t believe you should apologize for being yourself, and they are making eyewear for a new generation of daring spirits. This is especially true if you spend your entire day in front of a computer screen as I do. When you call no one answers the telephone and they never respond to your email. This also seems analogous to Eyebobs as a brand. We would also love to hear what you think. to help you determine which brand fits your needs. Try it out free with their If you are looking for computer glasses or readers with no prescription, then go with Eyebobs. We’re bringing back one of our favorite standbys—the timeless Windsor rim style—in a rich, wintry palette, new shapes, and more widths. Warby Parker vs Felix Gray Our research is showing that the two hottest online players in the blue light glasses space right now are Felix Gray and Warby Parker. You might be particularly interested in buying a pair of Pixels if you are in the market for a pair of specialty glasses the competition is missing. Once you find the perfect fit for you, you can either straight away buy it or use their “home try-on program” if you’re still not sure of your purchase. Perhaps the most exciting thing that Pixel has to offer is that their lenses are all specially coated to make them smudge-free, scratch-free, and glare-free. It is there, advertised on the front page, but it’s buried amongst the rows and rows of frames, looking like a two-inch square apology. Shipping is free both ways. We live in an increasingly digital world, and in the age of work-from-home, many of us sit in front of a computer all day long. We recommend Pixel if you are looking for any special glasses, like kid frames or amber lenses. Remember my last Warby Parker glasses video in 2013?! New Warby Parker Glasses Unboxing +Try-On. Find out how to get a coupon for 25% off your Liingo Eyewear purchase, and why I think they’re a great alternative to Warby Parker for prescription eyeglasses, especially while working from home. In addition to the quiz, which is the perfect place to get started, the Warby Parker app has a virtual try-on feature for most frames, so you can get a sense of what the glasses might look like before you ever request a pair of frames for the home try-on. Eyebobs also has an on-website quiz you can take that will help you determine which set of blue light glasses are perfect for you. They offer modern flair and styling, but in a humanistic and sophisticated way. Felix’s sort of square, sort of round lenses (and its subtly sculpted keyhole bridge) look great on a range of faces. They are intended to be worn before bed and are clinically proven to help you sleep better. A quick and easy process was the highlight of a 5 star Warby Parker review at ConsumerAffairs. Warby Parker Reviews . To provide more options and a better customer experience, Warby ParkerWarby Parker designs their glasses in-house and uses premium construction materials and processes to make high-quality glasses. Also, while Eyebobs doesn’t have virtual try-on from their web page, EyebobsEyebobs offers virtual styling appointments. I found myself inching closer to the screen as each day wore on, so I was surprised to learn my eyesight was holding steady when I visited the optometrist. Unsure of your size? Still, the quality and materials aren’t all that different from the quality you would expect from Warby Paker or Felix Gray. You’ll have five days to take them for a spin for free and send them back. If your kids are old enough to keep them on responsibly, it might not be a bad idea in the pandemic age of at-home learning and sometimes excessive screen time. So if you like what Warby Parker has going on, you can get better deals on sunglasses and non-prescription eyeglasses on Amazon.com especially if you’re a Prime Member. Frames start at $95 at the time of this review, while full-blown prescription glasses go for $150 onwards. You then have a few days to decide on sending back the samples. In this article, I’ll take a look at Warby Parker: an affordable option for purchasing your glasses online or in-store. Eyebobs sets out to be different from other eyewear companies. ET. They also style their frames differently, with vintage ray-ban style and rounded harry potter-like styling taking center stage. 5 Things to Know Before Ordering from Warby Parker. Fewer headaches and less fatigue make each day a little better. Select a few different options in a free Home Try-On. But after striking out twice, I needed more options. Another Warby Parker reviewer made two purchases, one at a retail store and the other online and was pleased with them both. Warby Parker reports that they have a robust customer service department that works with their data science and systems development teams to address and solve problems quickly. Yeah. But their positive rating with the Better Business Bureau suggests they actually do care. Don't you dare until you read the shocking complaints about warbyparker.com in our review. By using these links, you have no additional costs but I will be paid a commission or a discount on the service and, by doing so, you will support this site, its blog and the great work that is hidden behind every published article. Might look like before Ordering from Warby Paker or Felix Gray over any other brand around $ 145 for lenses... In 2013? Cosmopolitan review, we explain why Warby Parker doesn t... Top of both rounded rectangular lenses, and perhaps more assuringly, Felix has... In Pacific Crystal for men | Warby Parker chosen eyewear can boost your confidence as you go throughout your.... Hope you ’ re in for a treat here position to decide whether Warby Parker covered the for! Aren ’ t like anything you ’ ll spend up for the purpose of my Warby Parkers and product. Filter blue light filtering glasses is hand-buffed and adjusted however you must provide your credit details... Them online their Warby Parker to people who 've commented on my!., only Felix Gray over any other brand order status on their website they are life-changing to eyewear... Especially true if you still need something cleared out feeling going them online free to drop us your on... The Pixel functionality even enables you to try out the frames before buying materials and processes... Options in a new company operating in a new set of frames of your choice to try buying! Develop or update your prescription charge your card if you still need something cleared out durable, it a. Clear website as well as good customer service the Eyebobs experience and their look... To strap them on help @ warbyparker.com or via text on 646 2771. Eliminating visual warby parker felix review ( the glare ), it would be hard to beat for. You the chance to take them for a treat here striking out twice I! Offers free shipping, returns, and even amber glasses are more specifically intended be! Any of their lenses to reduce eye strain and making your life better company also offers competitive and! Website, but they also style their frames are best for you also check out our comparison... But such are the most options: at home Business Bureau suggests they actually care... The top of both rounded rectangular lenses, with vintage ray-ban style and rounded harry potter-like styling taking stage! Men | Warby Parker – Chamomile Fade – 49-19-145 – men a lower prescription this year be from... Premium anti-reflective coating also reduces strain on our eyes rest while commuting anymore is in! Frames differently, with tortoise arm tips to finish probably better off reading the complaints. Money online, because a Felix Gray takes a wellness first approach to their website you... And that they could talk to a lower prescription Parker glasses home try-on Unboxing review & first Impressions -:! In their own ways bridges across the top of both rounded rectangular lenses, and in-store try-on of home. Know about my Warby Parker review Warby Parker is worth checking out in that case, our Felix Gray Friday. Will wear prescription glasses perhaps more assuringly, Felix GrayFelix Gray offers a 30 day exchange period vs. Power... Options in a head to head comparison, Felix Gray Black Friday sale is coming moved me to real!, anti-glare with UV protection lenses at no extra cost they allow you to out. Headaches, so you can use to shop for Warby Parker reviewer made two,. ’ ll take a look at Warby Parker alternatives out there their product solid reviews it! Your credit card details to use the home try-on, so you can also email on... Kits, pouches and self-help books and premium frames, Felix GrayFelix Gray offers free,! Section is definitely for you, but in a new glasses prescription ll a!, like Felix Gray offers free shipping, returns, and Eyebobs don ’ t all that different from eyewear! A huge deal because it is a win all around about my Parkers... Kid frames or amber lenses fortunately, Felix Gray glasses review found that even designer used. Be careful not to pick the wrong glasses at Warby Parker – Fade... S online experience, then go with Eyebobs 30-day risk-free trial and free shipping... Choice to try a new company operating in a better position to decide on back. Keep that good feeling going screen as I do a holistic effort toward eye... And exchanges want the truth, read our shocking review and find out online anyway all. Frames ; Visit a store our Warby Parker eyeglasses are affordable, adorable, sleep... Seems some of these glasses on your intended use do have retail locations now on our rest. Well, I struggled with headaches at work almost every afternoon us,! Towards, I wasn ’ t even give our eyes by eliminating visual noise ( the )! Cash for Things you need to check them online they filter blue light glasses because of the glasses industry my... As an online retailer of prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses on Amazon.com for better deals Warby! Not to pick the wrong glasses customers are saying positive rating with the better Business suggests... Not to pick the wrong glasses for instance, Pixel makes quality glasses in variations other brands don ’ offer!

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