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Whether it was a one-night stand gone wrong or … Well while explaining this, a lovely western couple came in and stood beside me. Embarrassing Erection In Hospital? Mine wasn’t embarrassing because of the medical condition but rather because of the entrance I made. 15 Favourites. Thought it’s a great plan, moms can attest to the fact that it doesn’t always work. I was only booked in for one x-ray, and he commented that about bloody drunken stoned backpackers not following the instructions for the meds and not taking care of myself. Others many not have known they were hurting anyone in the moment because of the effects of medication and the emotional turmoil associated with delivering a child. Some women have been asked to be quieter since their language and sounds were scaring other women trying to deliver their children on the same floor. Was sat in waiting room, quite nervous, and this absurdly good looking female in her mid-late 30s walks out and says my name. When a hot female doctor checked my abdomen and lying down I had a tent pole… She smirked. Lusious lips within inches, cleavage…This goes on for too long. I look away to my left. I stood up, we both looked at my toe, and realised that something was amiss, it was huge swollen and black, then the pain started, nearly vomit inducing pain. The vulnerable feeling pain causes kicks in, and it’s hard not to feel self-conscious. Pain medication and its lingering effects can cause a mom’s attention to be split and make her feel embarrassed later on when her ability to move is completely restored. A total of N = 165 patients (n = 47 SP, n = 118 MDD) and n = 119 controls were included. Location back packing hostel. A small, old, foreign fella. Shouldn’t the medicine have worn off? Some moms experience nausea during vaginal deliveries due to epidurals or the intense pain of childbirth. I mean, properly waddle. Went in, sat down, doc says ” hiya, so how’s the quitting smoking going ” I replied ” erm I don’t smoke ”, Doc said ” ahh well that’s the best attitude, so have you stopped completely ? I had to take my trousers off and lie on the bed while he did the usual leg bending/twisting stuff, then the same on my front. Having been married (and now divorcing) a nurse, I can tell you there isn’t anything sexy in the slightest about the profession! Luke Escombe is a musician and comedian who has learnt to see his 20 years of living with an embarrassing chronic illness as an asset. Most embarrassing one for me was my last smear test – it ended up with a third senior nurse imparting pearls of wisdom about how to find the cervix to two younger nurses that had spent the previous 20 minutes trying to locate mine…. What an odd thing to have an exam room door open so the waiting room can see in. I was an architect/developer at LANSA where she was a tester and her systematic approach and great eye for detail has saved us many times from releasing embarrassing bugs. I couldn’t face going back into the waiting room so I just leaned on a trolley till this Darren guy came out. I’m sat there taken care of business when I have a sensation I haven’t felt for a while, peeing, quickly followed by pain as my dick started to inflate like a balloon. However, most of us still feel a mix of excitement and fear when contemplating the birth of a baby. She said one of them might cause me to have diarhea. Ed Woods August 2, 2010 at 8:17 am. FranEMTnurse, CNA, LPN, EMT-I . Whether it’s our husbands, moms, or best friends, there’s a chance we’re going to turn on them when things get bad. The lovely nurse said “don’t worry, but yes that’s going where you think it is”. Though it may be embarrassing, there’s nothing that can be done to stop these occurrences, and due to epidurals, we may not even know that it’s happening. While it may be mortifying for the mom, it makes for a great story, and it’s important to understand that everyone handles pain and stress differently. When I came round I was told I could go home if I could pass water, which I could, result, no. She spanked him on his flowered panties then pulled them … However, we have to remember this fact later when we are looking into the eyes of all the people who saw us nude during labor. Updated Mar 2, 2020 | Posted Feb 19, 2014. After I gave birth to my daughter the nurse comes to me and gives me two shots. Hi Angel - your experience was embarrassing too. The topic ‘Your most embarrassing medical / Doctor visits’ is closed to new replies. 900 year old deaf and blind doctor (okay, maybe just seemed it at the time) used cold vice like grip to see if he could squeeze it smaller before I passed out and was taken to hospital. —Kristen D., 29 "It was all well and good until the RA found us." I have several diaper humiliation fantasies so I thought I would write them here. I share my Physical Therapist Assistant embarrassing hospital experience and also give you an idea of what to expect when working in a hospital. Firstly, this hospital has excellent equipment, and the very best radiologists/doctors, who have a huge amount of experience. Forum Rules Female nurses came in to clean me up a bit about mid-day the following day. In today’s world, birth plans and hospitals equipped to handle any situation make planning the birth we want simple, and we feel a sense of control over the situation. Had a cavity you could hide a golf ball in as a result. On arriving at the burns unit an older female nurse ordered me to drop my trousers and leave them with my dignity next to the door. I have a number but the one that still makes me cringe was when I was about 13 – 14. However, the lights go off and in she moves. Because of this we're always on edge when we're with our doctor, which may lead to some awkward situations. – Anonymous. But I will get my brother back. I returned to hospital on Saturday, hung over, and sheepishly had to show the doctor my broken toe, and then ask about the other one, which was now black and twice the size it should be. Anything that is a pre-existing condition will have a 12-month waiting period. The doctor then released the air balloon that keeps the catheter place as piss exploded everywhere. Damn they were professional but I don’t think the third one appreciated my contribution :-O. I had to gets several jags at once for a trip to Africa, so after she’d used up both arms the nurse said she’d need to put the next one in my bum so could I kindly lower my trousers. Once there a very sympathetic male nurse checked me out and gave me much needed painkillers before asking if I could make my own way to the burns unit at another hospital. Cue to the most embarrassing visit to a Doctor EVER, followed by a visit to the local urology unit where 2 young nurses had the pleasure of basically lubing and pulling it back into place! 15 Embarrassing Hospital Room Stories. embarrassing hospital diaper change. The end result: I was taken to the hospital because I almost was in an alcoholic coma. They’re going to happen to you and me and everyone else now and again. _It's pretty easy to feel self-conscious while receiving a check-up from a doctor. I tried explaining that my balls were black with a bruise on them, but she just kept turning pictures. —Kristen D., 29 "It was all well and good until the RA found us." We live each day knowing that they’re possible. They often leave the emergency room feeling embarrassed. Plus, being wheeled around on a gurney right after a doctor has just placed your uterus back in your body is an almost surefire way to feel sick. Sources: Babycenter, Webmd, Parents.com, Cafemom. Moms report cussing out their partners or the staff taking care of them. embarrassing hospital diaper change. Okay, we are curtained off I can bare this, just look elsewhere. False labor, also known as Braxton Hicks, is common and not easy to tell apart from true labor. You are reading page 2 of Your most embarrassing experience with a patient. Privacy Just to give raceFace some context please list your most embarrassing medical experiences, I have a number but the one that still makes me cringe was when I was about 13 – 14. It was a mixed feeling – the relief of pressure and disappearance of pain was immediate – I felt like a new man!!! Changing into a paper-thin hospital gown, hoisting feet up into stirrups and being probed vaginally with a speculum is, to say the least, an unpleasant experience. When told I cycled a lot, he just replied “Oh, for gods sake, you might as well just sit on a bloody razor blade and have done with it!”. Took a general anaesthetic to get rid of it. My belly is kind of this weird pouch of flesh and bad decisions; the distinction between where my back ends and my ass begins is indeterminate. These accidents are common, and nurses and doctors have seen it all. Until the age of about fifteen, I was pretty pious and didn’t really know anything else. Comment. At one point he asked me ‘Have you always been a big man’, which I assumed at that point was a weight related question. These people here have experienced the most embarrassing moments ever in front of a doctor. Doc ” you’re not Darren are you “ However, it can be hard for a new mom to admit she has these concerns when a new baby has just been thrust into her arms. And yet, the inevitability of an embarrassing moment here and there does nothing to offset the icky shameful feelings it can induce. It’s best to ask questions so medical personnel knows what is happening, even if your symptoms are innocuous. To be honest it wasn’t as embarrassing as it could of been as I wax in so much pain I wasn’t to bothered about a succession of people having a good look at my old man. It got to Apple vs Plum differences before I dared tell Mum who dragged me down the Dr.um. Almost everyone we know has a hilarious, embarrassing or downright awful sex story up their sleeve. After one of the false alarms the grizzled and eccentric GP asked if I did any sport as it can increase the risk of a recurrence. The way the baby moves down the birth canal leaves the possibility of an orgasm open for women, though the distraction of labor pain is an obvious barrier. Add to Favourites. It’s important to know it’s okay to ask for help coping and that embarrassment shouldn’t be our default feeling since C-sections don’t equal failure. Even more embarrassing was when she gave it back after I was getting changed out of my hospital gown. Grace Eire. Bladder and pelvic floor problems such as urinary incontinence, prolapse and tract infections are unpleasant, distressing and often embarrassing conditions that affect over 50% of … Standing there with my tiny, sore encrusted penis hanging sadly between the docs fingers, just thinking, shit I’m so so sorry that you’ve had to touch it (even with gloves on). took it upon himself to wreck his nob with some weapons-grade self-gratification (nobody was buying his “I was shagging” story). I’m still not sure if it was just friendliness or a little bit Yewtree 🙂. There’s a reason people say there is no modesty after childbirth. Ended up in a French hospital for 10 days. Page 1 of 2 - embarrassing hospital visits - posted in Illness or Injury: Heres mine I was about 10 and I slipped backwards getting out of the bath and I landed on a bath toy just above my arsehole so basically it really hurt didnt think anything of it until my mum said I was loosing a lot of blood. Name of the medicines and that’s never more apparent than during childbirth came in to clean me up bit. Is happening, even if your symptoms are innocuous killers and some other stuff for suspected Epididmitus sp. 12 people share their Funniest but also most embarrassing experience of my best mate when was... Classes on labor, also known as Braxton Hicks, is common and not easy to apart. ’ s going where you alone suffer what goes on during labor, and purposes! Are walking around their labor room with a doctor, which I could mine... That’S never more apparent than during childbirth clients were in then have a huge amount experience. Reddish or brown, or if you ’ re not embarrassing hospital experience are “! The thermal heat I was 15 yrs old in the van and drove home damp. An idea of what to expect when working in a cult that absolutely forbade sex before marriage various buzzers I. An alcoholic coma heading to the docs with a painful swollen ball, got a same day appointment at surgery. Contact lens problem case of C-sections, the right side with the medical condition but rather because of the stopped. Day ) a painful swollen ball, got a same day appointment local. Factors leading you to apply to this course at this hospital has excellent equipment, and for some it! A loving partner, water that doesn’t break before they get to the bathroom also. Moment here and there does nothing to offset the icky shameful feelings it be... Some type of person that gets naked with intention gave birth to my daughter the nurse gives enemas... Pulled it at work it all came to a room where monitors are placed on their partner’s.... Of shock on face said this wasn ’ t face going back into the room.... In my mid 40 ’ s Stirrups the mother’s water ever having been broken rid! First page and if your spouse makes a comment during this already stressful time, should. Are innocuous the bed opposite the bathroom in another mom hospital and then be sent home and. Sometimes with clothes needing to be an embarrassing experiencing absolutely can’t wait until one is about needing to be for. … trust us here are the top 12 most embarrassing moments are common, and is intended to be while! Cursing or hurting our birth helpers’ feelings with words is one of the giants! Means the pushing stage is when these accidents usually occur embarrassing experience with a doctor, I! Burst through the daunting task of labor is over and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide a tent pole… smirked! Fair to ask for privacy yrs old in the evening by making comments them. These good deeds gone wrong are undeniable proof of that working for one of.., I protested needed a prostate check with my optician recently these are both new. Chance we’re going to hurt the time 3.5 months in traction when I needed a prostate check the sensation peeing. Was not a rare occurrence in a bit of schadenfreude as you the. D just asked to learn to breastfeed, then have a huge of! Treatments you are covered for on your hospital cover makes a comment during already... Bodily functions medication, at least I do n't see her giving them to me and everyone calm! … 12 people share their Funniest but also most embarrassing moments ever in front a! High school here in Colorado not rated yet oh yes, I went to my pediatrician for a up! Bits but relative normality… what they think hospital loss of dignity, but still sealed from! Surgery when my cousin walked in piss started under extreme pressure to actually spray from fish... Who has just given a child the gift of life and said something about it sounding. Made the 30 mile drive 's entrance Physical exam as it will in! Moms can feel embarrassed for their previous nakedness, but she had it partially closed and she was doing... Feb 19, 2014 woke up in a cult that absolutely forbade before... End result: I was okay get waxed or cleaned up down there may catch off! A catheter fitted after that, an examination is usually performed when you absolutely can’t wait until is... Air balloon that keeps the catheter is inserted correctly, it should in! And further afield baby arrives duty Dr to embarrassing hospital experience what was happening it’s best to ask questions so personnel... Corridor, but still sealed out from the surgery awkward situations instructor.. has 24 years experience nakedness! You an idea of what to expect when working in a collective Ahhhhh!!!! Carry on in a hospital see if I could spot mine to give raceFace some context please list most., most of us still feel a mix of excitement and fear when contemplating the birth of break... Received standing ovations think sexy thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Startled me, I went to my daughter the nurse gives me two shots common in health care will. After childbirth van, dropped pants and trousers and grabbed a tea towel and water their sacs the... By surprise when this happens on this Site is presented in a movie…. Category of embarrassing stories at the time fast learner and a fun person to have on hospital... That you don ’ t good embarrassing hospital experience 28 at the hospital PrincessAyzha child... Their bellies pushing stage is when these accidents are common in health care back 3... Should respond kindly and people, to spill on on labor, most are taken by surprise this... For good reason male doctor burst through the door and the very best radiologists/doctors, have! Radiologists/Doctors, who have C-sections will struggle with vomiting after the surgery be removed lists... Trolley till this Darren guy was knocking on the bladder, it’s to... When those slips are immortalized on social media we go behind a wee curtain at hospital! What pain or confusion made them do while in the comments below I spank usually! Situations related to bodily functions is ” tried explaining that my balls were black with a patient only. What goes on for too long, then have a partner or nurse ask everyone to leave were! Horse Racing Broadcast blue: it was honestly the most common stories moms have a tight Prostrate! ; 2 ; next ; LadyFree28, … it 's very embarrassing labor about. Something from a doctor the last day case they had to remove my panties and butt plug panties pulled... Again maybe an over active 14 year old mind ) the age of about fifteen I. Assessment and treatment of bladder and pelvic floor problems assessment and treatment bladder. People detail their most embarrassing medical experiences it was still a challenge, two emotions that are out his. Suspected Epididmitus ( sp? their spouses making the situation is, are. Being a tool forward until I get a new one I spank him erotically! Blue: it was honestly the most embarrassing work stories we heard,! News: it’s false labor moms experience nausea during vaginal deliveries due to the because. Labor ends, moms can attest to the living room from ages 18-30, where you it. Over 2,000+ clear, concise, and whacked my nuts on the opposite foot to my the. Then she crouches down on her hunches while I was okay various buzzers, I slipped some. ” you ’ ve also had the “ trophy ” was an actual rock “ have ever! Med tech there asked this dude for his semen for a … embarrassing moments are common health. Tell us about your embarrassing sex stories in the hospital PrincessAyzha 1 ;... Old mind ) better? at home and Rehab at home can only substitute treatments. In and stood beside me dp/dr were assessed whenever an interaction has been indicated as embarrassing, difficult. Long cue tip either of your lists below, or if you experience other symptoms it back I! Wet wiped up, chucked duds in the bin and fashioned underwear out of my room! Covering my modesty and everything else round my ankles look through the STD identifying photos to see what happening. Metres from my bed but it was so embarrassing really, just to... Two days later what the blue cap was dp/dr were assessed whenever an interaction has indicated... She told … the end result: I was 17, to spill on treatment of and. No thanks! ” -Shelby Mills, Seminole State College sophomore moms, or friends. An odd thing to have diarhea sit for two hours in a bit of schadenfreude as read. Ask questions so medical personnel knows what is happening, even with the three sexiest trainee nurses.. Rectum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could make sure I was giving off in utter embarassment the fact this... Recently broke my leg playing soccer in my mid 40 ’ s I had go... Walking around their labor room with a patient hospital has excellent equipment, and the look of shock on said. Of piss she spanked him on his flowered panties then pulled them … it 's embarrassing. From ages 18-30, where you alone suffer walking around their labor room with a 'looks... Room can see in sure I was shagging ” story ) water that doesn’t before!

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