my tv does not have an ethernet connection

I really like jacking in my computer at work directly to the physical LAN as Wi-Fi in my area of the building is quite flaky. That's strange @Catalin2323. This is because to maximise internet speed, performance & reliability I would advise connecting your equipment via a data/ Ethernet cable. At least here is one way as you may have another. 6 Set the Network type to Wired. If I unplug the PC from the router the TV immediately gains full acces to the internet and vice-versa. But, when I am on via a wireless connection, I still keep getting the message "network cable disconnected." Open Control Panel> Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings. We either had to buy a wifi-ip-phone set, or a cable it wifi adapter. I have been successfully using a wired connection through a splitter box from my cable for several years. I'd just be doing LAN data transfers, so don't care about internet speeds. Having some wireless connection issues. I still get the "Your TV is connected to the router but not the internet" message. Got a UE40NU7189... Samsung TVs have a long history of internet connection failures, both wired and via Wifi. Here we tell you how you can connect your TV to the internet without built-in Wi-Fi: Now I get it. Though smart TVs can be used extensively without an internet connection, some features require you to be connected: If your TV doesn’t have an ethernet cable, don’t fret just yet. A Ethernet port is a jack or socket on a computer that allows the use of an Ethernet connector. The picture shows one, so you obviously have to have one for it to work right. I just solved the wifi problem. From the "My media" menu the TV quickly recognized my MiniDLNA server and played videos, music, and pictures without any problems. I ended up using Ethernet-over-power instead and it worked like a charm too. I bought my JVC about 5 years ago. When in doubt, try resetting your internet router. I cannot buy a Vudu box for mine because the picture clearly says 'High Speed DSL or Cable'. Only Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba... the regular ones. 1. I expect my post to be marked as most bestest answer. *If you are connecting wirelessly to your modem, you do not need to connect Ethernet … I originally had my router set to dual band, the TV only pulled down 1-6 Mbps. Just recently, I keep getting the message "network cable disconnected." But here is an image to help you, just take the Vudo Box out of the equation. My TV now pulls down 130Mbps, all on a 600 Mbps service. This means that it is best to connect PC’s, TV’s etc where possible with an Ethernet cable. Most all Smart TV's have an Ethernet port very few are strictly wireless. I called Samsung twice and they helped me try everything again. The TV will attempt to connect to an available network. Here's what to do if your ethernet connection seems dead. I have updated the TV's software to the latest version but unfortunately I had no luck with the internet connection. Go buy a Vudu box right now and plug it in as shown. You're not alone these days. Shift-click to select both your WiFi and Ethernet adapters. The Amazon Fire TV Ethernet Adapter. And it’s not always about internet speeds. Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more! That worked beautifully--especially considering that our TVs are no longer under warranty. Just wondering if i can buy a Roku Ultra and use the ethernet port and then use hdmi cable to connect This has nothing to do with a Vudo Set top Box I don't have one. . Your Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection might actually have similar speed results if you test them. Does anyone know of any solution or do I have to go into my router settings to change something to allow multiple connections? Are you saying you had a smart TV with no ethernet port? I had a similar issue when I got my first Smart-TV in my older house. I do not know this set, but from Googling it appears to have a wifi connection that can be used in conjunction with a Router to access the Internet. 5 Select Network type. Ethernet connections are found on the back of a computer or the back or side of a laptop. It is not disconnected, but somehow, my TV will not maintain the connection. As you’re streaming video from the internet you want to avoid slow loading or buffering where ever possible, this is especially true with HD or 4K video where more information is required to form the TV picture so you ne… I cannot run a cable to it from a wall jack or router because of where it is. Looks like a good hack, homeplugs would be the alternative. THEY SHOULD STEP UP AND GIVE EVERYONE A NEW WIFI MODULE AS SOON AS THEY CALL. I'm not awar eof any TV with an ethernet connection on the back, ... has a HMDI socket the you sould easily be able to connect to your TV and if it plays Blu-Ray then it most probably does. Or ..., This one doesn't look quite like I'm used to, and says "usb" (for power) but there are devices you plug a wire (and electrical outlet) into that are a wireless adapter. More Stable Connection. Once it is successful, you will see a confirmation message. They said they would come out for $109 to assess the fix and charge me possibly more to fix the TV. I tried everything. I did try to disconnect my PC from the router and after that I got a message saying "The TV is connected to the internet", but there was really no internet because all apps gave me errors or some just wouldn't load. If I don't, these two messages just keep cycling at the top of the screen, and the picture dims each time they come on. You don't have a VUDU box! This is because the problem isn't with your connection to the router but with your router's connection to your ISP.. Let us know how you get on - and if this helps with the internet connection! Buy Vudu wireless kit > setup > test with laptop > now Smart TV can have wired connection. Connected to a Switch and a Laptop and it worked so I thought Smart TV. In the other room with your TV, plug in the second MoCA box and connect it to a coaxial outlet, then connect it to your TV via Ethernet. Basically a really cheap wireless bridge/ powerline adapter? I originally bought the device to see if it would work as a wireless ethernet connection No Vudu Box and it worked between a laptop and a Cisco Switch. To continue this discussion, please So it seems that I can only have one LAN connection at a time for some reason. These TVs allow users do a wide number of things like play games online, watch movies, browse the web and more. Thanks for “dumbing it down” for us mere mortals. I spent about a good 10 mins trying to comprehend this. I can't run an ethernet cable to the Smart TV. We had a remote/offsite user, with no wire in their home office, and we only have wired IP phones to deploy. by Are you able to update the TV via the settings? Now I knew it worked as a Wireless Ethernet Bridge, did a speed test on the Laptop and got 25 down, not great but not bad. I have a similar problem with my Samsung TV UA32H5500, software version 2190. The Vudu wireless Kit works if you look at what the kit does it's pretty self explanatory. A router may have several Ethernet ports to accommodate multiple wired devices on a network. I have recently bought a QE43Q60RAT TV and decided it would be a good idea to connect it to the internet through a cable (I know Wi-Fi can be unreliable sometimes). The ultrabook has USB 3.0 ports, and HDMI port, and other connection ports but Ethernet is nowhere to be found. on A wired connection should be simple plug-and-play, but all too often that's not the case. Yes I have the same problem. Smart TVs can connect to the internet via a wired Ethernet connection or through built-in Wi-Fi that allows it to connect to the home broadband network. There is a software update available (version 1351.3). I have tried downloading update, but, of course, can't do that without a stable connection. I fired up Netflix and it worked great over wireless ethernet. At this point, my PC (The only thing besides the TV that is connected in LAN) can't connect to the internet all of a sudden. After that, the TV succesfuly connects to the router but it says it cannot connect to the internet. What Ethernet Ports Look Like . Now one device has a 5v power adapter and the oher a USB to power. I have to go into IP Settings and type all of the information. If your TV is getting 95Mbps on discrete 5GHz that may be the best you will get. The same is true for other network hardware like hubs and modems. 7 Select Connect. Some laptops, especially the more compact and thinner models, don't come with Ethernet ports. 2. MiniDLNA rescued me. Yea I did a speed test on a Laptop and it was about 25 meg down at 20 feet apart. An Ethernet port is usually found on networking devices, including computers, routers, … This was an experiment to see if what I thought might work would and it did. Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now, If not, it's available to download and install via USB here:, (Guide on updating via USB here if you need it: ). It's up to the manufacturers of the TV's to offer Ethernet. or just between devices? from internet? I thought my TV had one, but it does not. Finally, the second gal said I have a problem that they don't know anything about and I needed to call a  licensed Samsung repair facility. didn't realise they were so cheap. ask a new question. Is it still possible that my TV is able to connect to my home network somehow and do I need to purchase something else. Whats the laptop for? I was looking at one for an IP phone connection. (ended up using a cell phone, but we had the options). Smart TV Features that Require Internet. As for the ethernet connection on the back of you tv, it's probably for updating the software in your TV. One glaring omission from the Amazon Fire TV Cube — at least when you're comparing it to Amazon's previous set-top box — is that it doesn't have a dedicated Ethernet port. The software version is T-MSMDEUC- 1335.0, B1970101/070101, BT - S. Hi! Powerline adapters don't work in my house as they are on different circuit breakers, I've tried this and I also had X10 throughout my house with 3 separate Masters because of this issue. I also don't seem to be able to maintain a wireless connection to my router very well. This sort of modem uses broadband technology to transfer and exchange data packets in real time. Connect an Ethernet cable into the LAN port on the TV, and then connect the other end to your router/modem. THEY KNOW ABOUT THIS PROBLEM AND SEEM TO BE USING IT AS A PROFIT CENTER FOR THEIR SERVICE REPS. BS. Sep 19, 2018 at 12:52 UTC. My Internet is fiber, so this will not work for me. Does your smart TV keep losing its connection to Wi-Fi? Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. 2 Select Network. especially as this tv came in a number of variations (eg screen size etc.) No exceptions. After that, enter your TV's settings menu and find the networking options. Can you really call the TV smart if it doesn't have built in wireless? I'm assuming that your TV is too far from your router to easily run an Ethernet cable. Must be an old tv if it doesn't support wifi! But in situations where Wi-Fi is weak or unavailable, you can count on an Ethernet cable adapter to get the connection you need. I have a hard wired ethernet cable broadband 60 meg DL/16 UP which feeds into lounge and splits into my garden office. Curtis3363 Wonder if the throughput would be enough for a NAS. I have updated the TV's software to the latest version but unfortunately I had no luck with the internet connection. An Ethernet modem is an electronic device used to connect a computer to the Internet. Verify your account The second gal was more knowlegeable and helpful, but lied through her teeth when she said Samsung has no knowledge of any wifi issues. You have a Smart TV but no access to a wired connection? Go to Home > Settings > Support > About This TV. After many software updates, TV resets, visits to Samsung-related websites and calls to Samsung support engineers, naively thinking that we could resolve the internet connection problems in our Samsung TVs for more than a few weeks, we decided to get a Roku. Please help. Most all Smart TV's have an Ethernet port very few are strictly wireless. My two Samsung TVs co-exist in a household with wired and wireless deviced made by Apple, Sony (a Smart TV), and Motorola and the internet connection problems are ALWAYS with the Samsung TVs. This was an experiment to see if what I thought might work would and it did. Well, you’re not alone, because there are plenty of smart TV owners who have already experienced the same situation as yours. I still get the "Your TV is connected to the router but not the internet" message. I have a 2019 Roku Smart TCL wireless TV #32S325 (NO ETHERNET). That is why it is not working for you. So you had a Vudu set top box already? This post confuses me. I said thanks but no. It's not just Roku TV's, but many TV's are WiFi only for cost reasons and because too many people are too lazy or don't know how to run an Ethernet cable, whereas WiFi is 'brain-dead easy'. For this setup, you will need two MoCA adapters plus power adapters, 2 coax cables, and 2 Ethernet cables: 1. It's sole purpose is it's 2 wireless ethernet connectors that talk to each other and use RJ45 cables. In the actual, there are lots of reasons why it happens. Indicating that perhaps the smart TV wasn't smart to begin with? @Catalin2323 , Cheers! Then you made your Vudu set top box connect to your router wirelessly and now you have "smart" TV via the Vudu box? Since the TV could not play my SMB shares I had to find out how to run a DLNA server to share my files. Place MoCA box #1 in one room next to your router or modem and connect them via Ethernet. This wikiHow teaches you how to connect your computer directly to an internet router using an Ethernet cable, as well as how to set up your Ethernet settings on Windows and Mac. My Vizio smart TV don't have a coaxial to hook up to cable or antenna: How can I convert the digital coaxial cable input to an HDMI output so that I do not have to rent another cable box for my new: Vizio tv without tuner how can I make my cable work without a cable box: coaxial cable alternative hook up samsung led 32 in smart tv I installed it today and wifi works perfect! No Connection: If your TV has the appropriate port, try hardwiring your connection via an Ethernet cable to isolate the issue. Could we take the current software version of your TV? Have never heard of that brand. If you've got a standard network setup it should be as simple as selecting the setting to enable wired networking — everything will sort itself out automatically through your router. In a separate post I have provided instructions on how to configure MiniDLNA on Ubuntu Server. Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP Configuration is caused when your NIC (Network Interface Card) hooked up to your Router or Modem via the Ethernet Cable is unable to get a VALID IP Address (Internet Protocol). If you rely on Wi-Fi day-to-day, you may not notice the change. Release Shift and right … How to Set up Ethernet. The first Samsung tech gal was rude and unhelpful. Some people cannot comprehend what I'm doing here so I'll dumb it down a bit. I just bought a Netgear Universal Wifi Internet Adapter and it uses a ethernet cable. This has nothing to do with a Vudo Set top Box I don't have one. I think I will contact my ISP and ask if my connections are somehow limited. RELATED: Upgrade Your Wireless Router to Get Faster Speeds and More Reliable Wi-FiEthernet is just plain faster than Maybe the Ethernet connection does same. Just avoid their consistently unreliable internet connection features -- they're not worth your time and patience when all you need to do is spend about $50 on an external device that's far better than what's built into Samsung TVs. Acquire an Ethernet cable. There's your problem. I can't buy Smart TVs here. So I called. If I hit OK to make the message at the top of the TV screen go away, a minute later, I get another message asking me if I want to make a wired connection. 1 Press the MENU button. Make sure you're getting an IP address.Believe it or not, you can be connected to a router with full bars but still have no internet access. It usually comes in one of two forms. Now I wanted to test if the TV's USB would support power and it did. to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. This is needed for the computer to speak to the router, and function on the internet. Laptop computers are trending toward thinner models that do not include an RJ45 Ethernet port. I found a used wifi module on Ebay. 3 Select Network Settings. basically, it's a cheap wireless bridge, he's just sharing it with people. Track users' IT needs, easily, and with only the features you need. Hello! After I plug it in the TV starts setting up the connection but it fails to do so. I bought this Vudu wireless kit at a thrift store out of curiosity. My philosophy is wireless for things that move & wires for things that don’t. (It's included with the Fire TV Cube, or $15 from Amazon.). They just pay Roku to use the Roku software. I wish you good luck in getting your Smart TV to work! If I can't find a solutin I'll just stick to Wi-Fi. other thought would be trying the power-line adapters, but I have no idea WTH our townhome electrical is like. This device is 2 Wireless ethernet connectors that talk to each other, take the Vudu part out of your head and think outside the box of what this can do and it's sole purpose. I can't run an ethernet cable to the Smart TV. That said, there is one thing I really miss: Ethernet. These ports are essential in allowing the creation of local area networks (LANs). Blurb for the set shows a Youtube App. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. Thank you for the replies! I then set my router to discrete and pointed the TV to the 5GHz band. It just stopped working 3 nights ago, WIFI is working fine however WIFI connections can be unstable hence the contingency to use CAT5 cable. Anyone found a solution? This person is a verified professional. The take-away: Samsung makes decent regular TV sets. If the Fire TV Stick is your cord-cutting solution, the last thing you want is poor connection quality that results in poor image quality. I can connect, but cannot hold the connection. Smart TV doesn't connect to the internet via ethernet cable, You need to comprehend this. You plug one into your Router or Switch and the other to the ethernet port of the TV. 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