beeman p17 barrel

read others' reviews, I'm here to share Easy to break and charge air. It has all metal internals, but the body is plastic. The gun was rattling as if thre were loose parts. about 2000 rounds in(an o-ring seal had simply fallen out at the breech, a 30 cent fix). 3. The grip on this is very comfortable and feels solid. Free shipping. The P3 is a true low end target gun; the P17 is a much cheaper clone. I've read up on the construction and QC differences between the MIC P17 and the German Weihrauch P3. ... Want to do a .20 and .22 barrel conversion. They have better precision and accuracy, more consistent power, and triggers that are very sweet and predictable compared to the P17. Add to cart. Of course there are new models. Starting … I prefer a trigger with 3 lbs or less but for less than $30 dollars this pistol is a deal. It is without a doubt the best deal in air pistols. I have a .22 barrel that is long enough to make two out of. Grouped extremely well at 10 yards. If you're willing to take it apart I can tell you where to look. Cheers, Todd Had my brother try it out. I have been getting delays between pulling the trigger and the shot going off. I suppose it's possible if there was too much friction at the sears. It is still good for everyday plinking. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden. Choose from a range of options when shopping our selection of Beeman air pistols such as calibers of 0.177, 0.20, and 0.22 to get the right choice for your intended purposes and shooting activities. Terms of Use, Leapers Elite Tactical Leg Holster, Right Handed, Gamo Cone Pellet Trap + 100 FREE Target Cards, Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .177 Cal, 10.5 gr - 500 ct, RWS Diabolo Basic .177 Cal, 7.0 gr - 300 ct, RWS Meisterkugeln .177 Cal, 7 gr - 500 ct. Click here for California's Proposition 65 warning. ProsYou get a pistol that feels like it was made for your hand perfectly. For best accuracy the bore should be cleaned For professional installation only. Depends on many factors, but if you google "Chairgun", a free program, you can plug in your numbers and it will tell you. Liked the gun over all. Barrel sits on my aiming rest, butt on table platform. 0 bids. Further, while I was looking for the pieces on the floor, I barely touched the trigger and the cocked gun went off. The reload was a little challenging at first. Beeman Sportsman Breech Seal 3 Each This kit contains 3 replacement breech seal O'rings that fit all Beeman Sportsman Series 1,000fps air rifles both single- and dual-barrel models. They’re excellently made, with all the quality you expect of fine German guns. tax. It’s shown in our heading photograph above, by Ana Guerra of Beeman. $23.15 shipping. Expert Airgun Reviews / AirgunWeb / AirgunWebTV 75K subscribers Only 3 left. So this is my first air powered handgun, ever. Also fits Shanghai Airguns AR1000 and Tech Force TF89 models. Custom shaped, finger groove grip helps improve shooting comfort and aids with accuracy. Login to ask someone who bought this product. But wow, with a little I can live with the trigger ( for $29.99 ) it's more than a bargain. Rio de Janeiro Post subject: Re: Beeman P17 with a 10.1 1377 Barrel. Shoots fine for a made in China air gun. I purchased it after reading lots of reviews The best technique I found was to get a good target hold while quickly and smoothly pulling straight through. Fixing the p17 is not so easy as people suggest. As was said, an elongated hole and set screws is an option. 7 reviews. Shimming the breech seal is simple. How stupid is that? Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. I have not used the P3 but based on my experience with the P17 I would never spend the extra money on the P3. On both p17's the trigger failed with a week. Crosman Shockwave Air Rifle - … Price: £10.98 PG103 Frame with left grip. Its a gift for the guy who helped me tear-down and reseal my first P 17, after it lost power See more ideas about Rifle targets, Rifle, Guns. Would gladly give up the second half in exchange for someone doing the machine work to fit . The sights are also very good for what you pay for. I was curious and plugged it in and came up with 150-270 yards depending on the pellet used. The cost of this pistol is the same as a large pizza. I received the pistol with the sights disassembled for some reason. Beeman P17 . Beeman Bay Cat 206 is a full powered entry level air rifle ideal for pest control and target shooting.With a all weather synthetic stock, safety catch and fibre optic open sights .The metal barrel has a rifled barrel and 9-11mm scope rails for fitting of scope or red dot.SpecificationFull power 11.5.. The P17 has quite a pop even with the longer barrel and this LDC turns it into a mouse fart. I retrieved the parts and after about 30 minutes deduced that the BB was held in place by a small spring that forced the BB against two v-notches in the side of the safety cavity. Posts: 768. Beeman. The trigger is nice and smooth. a Chinese clone of a 300.00 German manufactured model. This takes a surprisingly high amount of effort, far more than the FAS 6004 or the Gamo Compact. Daisy Powerline 426 BB Gun. Out of the box the P17 is a terrific value. Sure its a "cheapie", Umarex M350 Magnum Break Barrel Air Rifle - .177. It's a bit easier to cock, the edges are not sharp like on the p17, so they don't dig into your hand when cocking it. The Heretic’s Guide to Choosing Your First Telescope, High velocity for a single stroke pneumatic. To my pleasant surprise it is a consistent, accurate training tool. The lead free pellets seem to be weak coming out of the barrel and not as much of an impact to the target. I have 2 each P3's, one in 22 and one in 177 and enjoy them both. Sgt. A pellet s inserted at the breech end of the barrel: and the barrel/arm is hinged back into place, compressing air in the cylinder and cocking the trigger. Who thought that was a good idea on this pistol? Totally recoilless and no CO2 required. stating its accuracy and value were unmatched. I say this pistol is extremely accurate and very reliable, every shooting session. Ability to mount red dot sight or scope if wanted The pumping system is the same as that found on the FAS 6004 and the Gamo Compact, and the P17 is cocked and loaded the same way as the more expensive guns: The upper part of the gun is unlatched via what looks like  a hammer at the rear of the gun, and hinged forward. Right out of the bubble-pack the safety slide switch fell out and on the floor. ConsThe trigger is hard and has a long pull. Machined vs stamped parts, higher quality barrels, better fit & finish and out-of-the-box lighter trigger pull seems pluses going for the much more expensive P3. C$69.99 Excl. - Nice grip Please Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to order and conform to all laws governing the use and ownership of airguns in your local area. It's worth 3 times the money. The trigger is… well, not wretched, but not very good. What kind of quality and performance can you get for one seventh of that? Beeman Black Cub Dual Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle (.177 / .22) 4x32 Scope NIB 4.5 out of 5 stars (8) 8 product ratings - Beeman Black Cub Dual Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle (.177 / .22) 4x32 Scope NIB The Beeman P17 has a rifled steel barrel, and all its mechanical parts like the trigger, safety, and hammer are cast aluminum made. .177 Beeman P17 OverLever Pellet Pistol quantity Add to cart Categories: .177 Caliber Spring Piston Air Pistols , Ambidextrous Air Pistols , Beeman P17 Air Pistols , Can Killing Air Pistols , Over Lever Spring Piston Air Pistols , Spring Piston Air Pistols under $300 . I bought this pistol to get lots of practice without spending a lot of my limited funds. 1-1/8" with Beeman HP 7.8 gr. I liked the fiber optic sights. This trick will tighten the junction between barrel and seal. Add to Wish list. I wouldn’t expect it to last as long as a P3, but if decently cared for it should last several years. Price: £20.77 PW150 Valve bolt. The trigger was a bit stiff and long. The Beeman P17 is a nice inexpensive pistol. Mostly due to the trigger pull. Last Post RSS pluric (@pluric) Joined: 3 years ago. Then I slipped the floss onto the breech seal stub. You can’t feel the break coming, so there’s no way to stage it. I then tried attaching a Millet dot sight that costs twice as much as the gun: …and shooting one handed, as if I were shooting Bullseye. But you have to weigh the value of $35 versus $350. You cock it, and while it's 'broken open' you load one pellet. The Model 1517 fills to 3,000 PSI and has a 10-shot rotary magazine. First being able to use a pellet over a round BB is bonus in the accuracy obviously. The P17, on the other hand, feels like a well made toy. The main bearing surfaces, such as the barrel pivot lever and cocking arm, should be lubricated with Beeman'Metal to Metal Paste (99130). The Beeman P17 is a single-shot breech-loading design; pellets only. The trigger mechanism is complex and you can't just tug at it. I loved it so much that he was planning to get one for him self.So i gave him mine and I will just pick up another one. A friend of mine recommended it, and due to our friendship and the low cost of the acquisition, I purchased it. Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:52 pm . The top of the p17 had sharp edges that dug into my hand when cocking the gun. The ergonomic handle has three fingermark placement for an intuitive grasp. I received this pistol in a blister package, opened it, then throughly cleaned it, then re-lubed it. Walther MaximaThor .25 Cal Air Rifle. Price: £38.99 PG102 Grip RHS. With some tweaking, it can be a pretty nice gun, but eventually the trigger will do strange things, either firing when it is pumped or refusing to fire when the trigger is pulled. If you need to repair or upgrade your Beeman or Weihrauch air gun, you'll find what you need at Airgun Warehouse. Perfect pistol for some indoor target practice - a bit hard to cock, probably not great for a young person. I too cannot say for sure because I have never seen a P3 or HW40 in person, but looking at pix of those guns in the open position I cannot see any difference except the chrome and of course the name on the side. Beeman P17. 102. You need some watchmaking-type skills. Umarex Trevox Break Barrel .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Pistol, Black, One Size (2251348) I have a lot of fun with mine and have owned several. Barrel Hinge and Other Bearing Surfaces. The front end of the plastic “slide” has to be drilled out to 7/16″ to allow the barrel to slide through. This gun is accurate enough for me to use for pest control (birds like my fruit trees as much as I do!) It's just not as tightly tolerance and spec'd as the P3. I also deburr the opening where air exits the pump (where the o-ring is). I have had the same question in the past and looked around to see what I could find. I followed the instructions to a t.... Oh wait there were no instructions. I don’t know if this is because the energy is higher (it shoots around 100fps faster than the other two pistols), or because the cocking geometry is not as efficient, but there it is. Barrel seal Beeman P17 . Just … at significant range (20 - 30 yards). Normally the only air pistols that interest me are match pistols- those capable of making one-hole groups at 10 meters, with triggers that can be set to just a few ounces. … If it breaks, I can just buy a replacement! There is also a choice between power plants of single-stroke pneumatic and spring piston to help you get the right fit … You find ways of leveraging your thigh being careful not to pinch anything!. Second the break action provides consistent pressure from shot to shot. 5.0 1 review. Beeman P17. Thankfully no harm done but not a good thing. No bb's, but no CO2 either, so you can shoot it all day and never worry about running out of … (The shots outside the black were all sighting shots.). Ok on power. It'll make sense when you see it. and I mean no-thing, that can compare. Pros- Nice size - simulates a real 9mm size and weight Beeman .177/.22 Caliber, 2 Shot, 4X32mm Scope, Wood Stock/Matte Md: 2016WThe Beeman Double Barrel Air Rifle Is a Great Airgun For Pest Control. From what I understand it's a simple barrel swap to convert it to .22 or .20. Target-style trigger provides crisp let-off and minimum take up. No bb's, but no CO2 either, so you can shoot it all day and never worry about running out of gas. It's not fast, it's not a repeater, but with its rifled barrel it should be reasonably accurate. Mine was rather tight but worked, still I sanded the wire a bit so the sear had room to move freely. The Beeman P17 is a single-shot breech-loading design; pellets only. Is the beeman P17 .177 caliber air pistol worth the money ? Home / Beeman P17. The BB-sized click set rolled across my office (at least I saw it or I would never have figured out the problem). It has decent power. I just bought my 3rd one, discounted to under 25.00, including tax and shipping. Lol. $349.99. Grouped okay at 20 yards. Shop online for the best selection of airguns at Hinterland Outfitters, including air rifles, pistols, revolvers, and bb guns. If you Well, I shoot from 80 to 120 feet, every day and I'm stating the facts when Add to Compare. ConsNot a lot, every con, could also be just an advantage. Silent but deadly With the trigger adjustment screw backed out a bit, it has a nice long first stage, hits a wall, and the second stage breaks almost like glass. $29.99. Out of stock. It's a tad tricky loading pellets into the back of the barrel at first. The gun also smelled from some chemical and the package stated stated that the gun contained substances known to cause cancer. The P17 is a Beeman-licensed, Chinese manufactured, copy of the Beeman P3, which itself is a rebranded HW40 manufactured by Weihrauch in Germany. - loading the pistol can be a challenge. I think it's the wire inside the hammer that acts as a guide for the secondary sear. any idea how far it will shoot the pellet??? In each case it was loaded and cocked but wouldn't fire. ProsPrice, accuracy and overall maintenance. Neither appear very pellet-fussy. pellet rifle made in 1981 hardly ever shot. Velocity is consisent too. I love my P17 but would rather it shoot .22 instead of .177. They have incorporated plastic light tubes which create 2 green dots on the rear sight and one red dot on the front sight. For $30-$35 US this thing is win all round. Barrel. After a few shots to get the Millet more-or-less on target, I got the following shooting at a standard ISSF Air Pistol 10m target: That’s actually not bad, considering how poor the trigger is when compared to even a cheap match gun like the Gamo Compact. - good power for the a pistol, Cons- the sight is ok (cheaply made) It's not fast, it's not a repeater, but with its rifled barrel it should be reasonably accurate. Simple to replace, just take old one out and put new one in! Easy to load. This is going in the trash, cheap and too dangerous. ProsHi-Vis adjustable sights The P17 is a Beeman-licensed, Chinese manufactured, copy of the Beeman P3, which itself is a rebranded HW40 manufactured by Weihrauch in Germany. Beeman P17 (2004E) hello and welcome to another one of our reviews, first off i'm going to start by saying sorry for the delay in getting this review up, we've had so much going recently that unfortunately the beeman got pushed to one side. I read about folks complimenting the accuracy and power over 10 meters, Hatsan Mod 125 Vortex .22 Caliber Pellet Gun Package - Black. A Journal of Modern Airguns, Air Pistols, and Air Rifle Technology & Sport. Based on that research: Externally they appear identical, but inside the P3 has better machining and assembly. They had production problems, For my purposes, I limit the effort to deburring the barrel opening where pellets are inserted because the pellets tend to snag on the sharp edge when the gun is new. I just broke my personal best, shooting till I miss, I got 13 out of 14, %92.857. Too good to be true, and it was. The Weirauch gun is all metal gun that sells for around $240. Postal Code 21940-005 My daughter, who is a police officer practices with it and always shoots expert when it comes to her in service qualification. I can handle the $29.99 price tag ! The molding hole was drilled and tapped for 10-32 set screws (one on top of the other) to secure the front of the longer barrel: A clearance cut was necessary for the lever to open far enough with the longer barrel: ConsFiberoptic sights? The barrel normally requires a minimum Of care. This guide is a tight fit so I'd think any changes like thicker wire, sheetmetal sear, or rough edge from the stamping the sear could hold it up. The pizza is only around for a short time but this pistol will be with you for years to come. Incredibly accurate for the price German engineered and designed single stroke pneumatic over-cocking design produces up to 410 fps velocity that's totally recoilless and no CO2 is required. I have always been what I would call a mediocre pistol shot. Mine had no flaws as some mention, like sharp breech or seam in the chamber, mine was perfect and I would've believed it was a German quality P3 if it said so on the side. 14 watching. I almost passed this little jewel up. Smooth two stage trigger You cock it, and while it's 'broken open' you load one pellet. At first I could barely ever hit it, but now, not even through my first 500 round tin of pellets, I'm hitting with incredible consistency! Limited Stock! I accomplished this by using a drill and 1″ belt sander to turn down a Crosman.177 barrel to mimic the stock pistol barrel. Beeman P17 Carbine In the video, you can see it is no longer a pistol, but has been turned into a carbine. I recently bought another P17 and it came with improved sights. Not only is the P17 cheap to acquire it is cheap to operate and fun to shoot. What kind of quality and performance can you get for one seventh of that? I too have a bit of an ugh in charging it. Hello Vintage BEEMAN Webley Vulcan 177 cal. It’s no surprise that Glock and SIG SAUER are the brands that people want. Shipping price always changes, but you should be able to see the final price before you complete your purchase. However it is still excellent for the price. The Over And Under, Dual Barrel … They were understating the true nature I used my friends chrony and my gun shots consistently at 430-440 fps with 7gr pellets. I’ve never handled a P3, but I have owned two Weirauch HW45s, which Beeman markets as the P1. Single-shot pistol produces up to 410 fps. But I’ve heard so many good things about the P17 that when I saw it at Amazon for under $33, I decided to bite and see why it had such a strong following. Among them is a new PCP air rife, the Model 1517. Site Moderator: Joined: Sat Sep 03, 2005 2:25 pm Posts: 3598 Location: Ontario, Canada I'm still trying to figure out the best way to secure the front end of the barrel. It's a good target pistol. I got it to work one time using a spring out of a ballpoint pen, but on the second try the safety slide fell out again. All rights reserved. Would you know how to solve the problem? No other complaints so far. crisp, breaks like glass trigger The longer barrel required frame alterations. Price: £1.95 OR076 O Ring/Valve seal P17 . ProsNo Co2 cartridges Price: £22.40 SR281 Sear. When I open up the chamber, I found the sight came apart (not sure why or how since it was in a blister pack). It's my new favorite, taking the place of my old which was the Webley Tempest. Target-style trigger provides crisp let-off and minimum take up. After using a flashlight and probing around, I found where to load it. The p3 is much better quality. $299.99. It has worked flawlessly with now over 2000 rounds through it. What Happened to Crosman Premier Pellets? (104) 104 product ratings - Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol. With the for mentioned attributes makes this cheap little pistol very accurate. a burr issue that sliced up o-ring seals for some of the production. BN Cocking Plate RX2. I was using lead pellets which were fine and then I decided to use lead free pellets. Shooting two handed, I got the following group at 10 meters with the stock sights: That’s roughly an inch. Easy to cock. to load the pellets, pull down on the hammer and lift the top straight up.... when you locate the barrel opening, place a pellet into it and close it, I believe this gun only shoots steel bb's. Needed a replacement pistol "BB gun" for the pole barn. It was easy to open up the barrel to insert the pellet but it was hard to find where teh pellet needed to be. The Weirauch gun is all metal gun that sells for around $240. $160.00. The feel and hold of this pistol is remarkable. I used a small screwdriver and wound 4 turns of floss around the shank. $119.99. It really feels that good. Price: £3.64 P144 Ram unit. More Info, 2021 Airgun Depot, 12453 S 265 W Suite F, Draper, UT 84020. It’s mostly plastic, with a few metal parts- barrel, cylinder, trigger, and sear. The Beeman P17 is an outstanding pellet pistol for accuracy and velocity. BEEMAN QB78 .22 CALIBER WOOD STOCK CO2 POWERED SINGLE SHOT BOLT ACTION AIR RIFLE. Dave on The Umarex Legends P.08 Luger, The Mac1 Benjamin-Sheridan Steroid Conversion. the P17 is manufactured in China with some minor work needed to bring it up to the some of the manufacturing specs of the P3 - which is made in Europe (Germany if memory serves me correctly). Beeman P17 . It definitely takes an adult to do it. Pre-order. No, a 4.5 mm/.177 bb would just roll right out of the barrel. PRE ORDER $ 522.95 $ 399.95.22 Beeman R9 Break-Barrel Air Rifle Add a dot sight on the 11mm dovetail. ConsMisfired on the very first attempt in the bullet is jammed in the gun making it useless. Beeman P17. or even 50 feet. I've owned two p17's and now have the P3. Real firearm weight and feel-Think Glock! It’s light, but it’s very long- probably as a safety feature. $39.99. Rated at 410 fps, mine gets 435 with Crossman 7.9gr hollow points As I don't But once you get the feel for it, it's a pain but doable. This pistol helps you to slow down and make accurate shots because the loading process requires more work. I’d have to say that all things considered it’s an excellent value, a more accurate plinker than anything else in its price range, and a good budget choice for learning basic pistol marksmanship-  especially if you can’t afford anything better. Nice fiber optic sights Sighted it in after 100 rounds and another cleaning and a lube. Write me at chevota at hotmail and I'll send some pix. of this air pistol. Listen to your buddies, they didn't steer me wrong this time. Beeman P17 trigger mod. Cheap and effective. Once cocked, the slide safety is automatically engaged- an excellent feature on a gun designed for beginners, I think, and perhaps a necessary for experienced shooters as well, given the contortions you have to go through to cock it. Once I was able to shoot a couple of rounds, it is accurate up to 20 - 25yards. However the body is a high quality plastic and it's steel reinforced over the full length. Consfor older folks and smaller women, (no disrespect). care and willingness to tweek the weapon with You-tube guidance, this is an awesome ConsA bit difficult to cock and load, but even my arthritic old hands can manage it! Whats the main difference between the P17 & the P3? If you want an accurate, fun to shoot pistol for practice, look no further! Suitable for .177 and .22 calibers. Out of Stock. C$69.99. But it is by no means a deal breaker. I reassembled the sight - not knowing if it was correct. I always found my self wasting Co2 cartridges or leaving them in for months and ruining the gun. Once I placed a pellet in the "hole", the resistence to lock the pistol takes some effort. Starting at $79.99. First of all the tiny lug you unscrew to remove the handle ( in order to work on the trigger) gets stripped VERY easily, and then you can't put it back on. The quality of this gun is actually quite good, and it's outstanding for the price, unbelievable actually. Use sparingly as excess may cause damage. this gun only shoots pellets.... not BB's. Good morning. No use of inaccurate BB's Feb 6, 2020 - Explore Mike Hill's board "Schuetzen", followed by 56349 people on Pinterest. Has just enough power to kill small vermin up to about 15 yards. After carefully sighting in the Hi-Vis adjustable sights, I set-up a swinger that measures 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" at exactly 10 yards from the muzzle. Not pellets. know what this is, a single shot plinking and target pistol, at its price point there is nothing, Beeman 2004 Deluxe Pellet Pistol Outstanding accuracy and velocity with a single pump. hand-gun. the love. .177 Beeman R9 Break-Barrel Air Rifle.177 Caliber Spring Piston Air Rifles, Animals Up to 5lbs Hunting Air Rifles, Beeman R9 Air Rifles, Spring Piston Break Barrel Air Rifles Cocking Effort 31 to 40lbs. 2. The adjustable sights are simple but cleverly designed, using short pieces of “light pipe” plastic to create luminous dots under reasonably bright illumination: They’re the sort of sights you’d put on a combat gun, not one designed for shooting at paper targets, though, so while they’re very easy to see and quick to acquire, they’re not ideal for paper punching. Cocking it was easy, loading it was a breeze. Beeman P17 Pellet Pistol janual Valedictory lumps were extremly pusillanimously warping. Beeman. i cannot figure out how to load these pellets! Beeman R7 / HW30S Barrel, .177 Cal. 6-5/8" riffled barrel Get the magic marker out. Also want to do a longer bbl shoulder stocked one . Over the years always used Co2 cartridge types.Like the cheap daisy and Crossman bb gun pistols. Tks. Easy to oil and maintain $899.99. The muzzle end was drilled to .400" to allow the barrel to go in from the front. Just for fun I shimmed the P17 breech seal with dental floss and velocity jumped 13 fps. The pistol is price is listed as $29.99 but the shipping cost is $60.46 International Economy. Beeman. Although there are some old faithfuls that have a seemingly timeless appeal – like the Beeman P17 and Crosman 2240, for example. I'm always looking for used bargains in either the P17 or the P3, and they all reside in my kit to shoot in the backyard at a moment's notice. Beeman Precision Airguns launched a large number of new products at the 2019 SHOT Show. Do you ship to Brazil? The Beeman P17 is a great little single shot .177 cal pellet pistol.

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