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The discrepancy arose as follows: in order to produce a quick prediction of a tsunami's height and thus to provide a timely warning, the initial earthquake and tsunami warning that was issued for the event was based on a calculation that requires only about 3 minutes. [392] However, occurring as it did 373 km (232 mi) north east of Tokyo, the Tōhoku earthquake came as a surprise to seismologists. [103], A month later, a major aftershock struck offshore on 7 April with a magnitude of 7.1 Mw. With damage to so many power plants, it was feared it might be years before a long-term solution could be found. [39][74] The Pacific plate, which moves at a rate of 8 to 9 cm (3.1 to 3.5 in) per year, dips under Honshu's underlying plate, building large amounts of elastic energy. In Sendai, a 145,000-barrel (23,100 m3)-per-day refinery owned by the largest refiner in Japan, JX Nippon Oil & Energy, was also set ablaze by the quake. Of those who didn't heed the warning, 49% were hit by the water. [175][176] Russia evacuated 11,000 residents from coastal areas of the Kuril Islands. [273] Two substations, one in Shizuoka Prefecture and one in Nagano Prefecture, were able to convert between frequencies and transfer electricity from Kansai to Kanto and Tōhoku, but their capacity was limited to 1 GW. Early estimates placed insured losses from the earthquake alone at US$14.5 to $34.6 billion. [385], Atsushi Funahashi, director of Nuclear Nation notes that "when the overseas media was calling Fukushima a 'meltdown,' the Japanese government and media waited two months before admitting it. [228] Among them were two English teachers from the United States affiliated with the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program;[229] a Canadian missionary in Shiogama;[230] and citizens of China, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan and the Philippines. Victims aged 60 or older accounted for 65.2% of the deaths, with 24% of total victims being in their 70s. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The system automatically stopped all high-speed trains, which minimized the damage. Stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak by signing up to our newsletter today. [337] Twenty thousand stranded visitors spent the night of 11–12 March inside Tokyo Disneyland. Furthermore, shortly after the earthquake, some wave meters reported a fluctuation of "20 centimetres (7.9 in)", and this value was broadcast throughout the mass media and the warning system, which caused some residents to underestimate the danger of their situation and even delayed or suspended their evacuation. [375], The aftermath of the twin disasters also left Japan's coastal cities and towns with nearly 25 million tons of debris. The earthquake, known as the Tohoku event, was the fourth-largest recorded since the advent of … In comparison to the 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake, the East Japan earthquake brought serious damage to an extremely wide range. [75] The hypocentral region of this earthquake extended from offshore Iwate Prefecture to offshore Ibaraki Prefecture. [55][56] Many electrical generators ran out of fuel. [362][363][364] 12 of the aircraft were scrapped, while the remaining 6 were slated for repair at a cost of 80 billion yen ($1 billion), exceeding the original cost of the aircraft. The researchers think that this clay layer allowed the two plates to slide an incredible distance, some 164 feet (50 meters), facilitating the enormous earthquake and tsunami. Ustream Asia broadcast live feeds of NHK, Tokyo Broadcasting System, Nippon TV, Fuji TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, Tokyo MX, TV Kanagawa, and CNN on the Internet starting on 12 March 2011. In Norway, water in fjords pointing toward Japan sloshed back and forth as seismic waves from the earthquake raced through. Initially, the earthquake caused sinking of part of Honshu's Pacific coast by up to roughly a metre, but after about three years, the coast rose back and kept on rising to exceed its original height. Four dams within the quake area were unreachable. The quake triggered a … Very low levels of radioactive chemicals that leaked from Fukushima have been detected along the North American coast offshore Canada and California. History. [319] Food products were also found contaminated by radioactive matter in several places in Japan. [366][367] If harnessed, the seismic energy from this earthquake would power a city the size of Los Angeles for an entire year. The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami was a 9.0-magnitude earthquake followed by tsunami waves. [197][198], The tsunami broke icebergs off the Sulzberger Ice Shelf in Antarctica, 13,000 km (8,100 mi) away. [147][148] Also largely destroyed was Rikuzentakata, where the tsunami was three stories high. The rolling blackouts brought on by the crises at the nuclear power plants in Fukushima had a profound effect on the rail networks around Tokyo starting on 14 March. At this time Japan's Disaster Management Office (Naikakufu Bosai Keikaku) published a bi-lingual guide in Japanese and English, Disaster Management in Japan, to outline the several varieties of natural disaster and the preparations being made for the eventuality of each. [256][257], The Fujinuma irrigation dam in Sukagawa ruptured,[258] causing flooding and the washing away of five homes. [379] Other nationwide Japanese and international TV networks also broadcast uninterrupted coverage of the disaster. "What Have Religious Groups Done After 3.11? Sendai was the nearest major city to the earthquake, 130 km (81 mi) from the epicenter; the earthquake occurred 373 km (232 mi) northeast of Tokyo. [86][fn 2] The largest individual recording in Japan was 2.7 g, in Miyagi Prefecture, 75 km from the epicentre; the highest reading in the Tokyo metropolitan area was 0.16 g.[89], Portions of northeastern Japan shifted by as much as 2.4 metres (7 ft 10 in) closer to North America,[38][39] making some sections of Japan's landmass wider than before. The earthquake and the tragic losses had been served as a significant inspiration for the Japan women's national football team, in which, in the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, managed to create the greatest giant-killing ever in the history where Japan came from nothing to become world champions despite the devastating earthquake and lack of funding for the team; the Nadeshiko itself also unveiled banner to thank global support despite adverse situations at home. [238], As of 27 May 2011, three Japan Ground Self-Defense Force members had died while conducting relief operations in Tōhoku. The aftershock at 06:25 UTC could be felt in Yuzhno-Kurilsk (MSK 5) and Kurilsk (MSK 4).[83]. [43][44][45][46], The tsunami swept the Japanese mainland and killed over ten thousand people, mainly through drowning, though blunt trauma also caused many deaths. Notable exceptions, according to Adelstein, were newspapers Sankei Shimbun and Chunichi Shimbun which questioned the accuracy of the information coming from the government and TEPCO. Subsequent analysis found that many Japanese nuclear plants, including Fukushima Daiichi, were not adequately protected against tsunamis. [82] Three other prefectures—Fukushima, Ibaraki and Tochigi—recorded an upper 6 on the JMA scale.   It was the fifth most powerful earthquake ever recorded, and within 30 minutes, a 133-foot high tsunami pummeled Japan's northeastern shoreline. The tsunami waves also traveled across the Pacific, reaching Alaska, Hawaii and Chile. [115][116] The warning for the general public was delivered about 8 seconds after the first P wave was detected, or about 31 seconds after the earthquake occurred. Without ventilation, gas accumulated within the reactor containment structures and eventually exploded. [130] The tsunami inundated a total area of approximately 561 square kilometres (217 sq mi) in Japan. [194][196], After a 2 m (6 ft 7 in) high surge hit Chile, it was reported that the reflection from those surges traveled back across the Pacific, causing a 30–60 cm (12–24 in) surge in Japan, 47–48 hours after the earthquake, according to observation from multiple tide stations [ja], including in Onahama, Owase, and Kushimoto. The large number of views made the video one of the most popular examples of sonification on the web. [5], The main earthquake was preceded by a number of large foreshocks, with hundreds of aftershocks reported. [294], In addition to refining and storage, several power plants were damaged. ~ Earthquake strike occurred on March 11, 2011, at 05:46:23 UTC ( 14:46 JST). 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[5][65] Following the main earthquake on 11 March, a 7.4 Mw aftershock was reported at 15:08 JST (6:06 UTC), succeeded by a 7.9 Mw at 15:15 JST (6:16 UTC) and a 7.7 Mw at 15:26 JST (6:26 UTC). [69], This megathrust earthquake was a recurrence of the mechanism of the earlier 869 Sanriku earthquake, which has been estimated as having a magnitude of at least 8.4 Mw, which also created a large tsunami that inundated the Sendai plain. "But if the nation is prepared, warning and education definitely saves lives. [167][168] At Tarō, Iwate, the tsunami reached a height of 37.9 metres (124 ft) up the slope of a mountain some 200 metres (660 ft) away from the coastline. Entire towns were destroyed in tsunami-hit areas in Japan, including 9,500 missing in Minamisanriku;[142] one thousand bodies had been recovered in the town by 14 March 2011. [237], Noted individual fatalities within Japan included 104-year-old Takashi Shimokawara, holder of the world athletics records in the men's shot put, discus throw and javelin throw for the over-100 age category. [336] Most Tokyo area train lines resumed full service by the next day—12 March. [74] A quake of this magnitude usually has a rupture length of at least 500 km (310 mi) and generally requires a long, relatively straight fault surface. While the Japanese public was quick to recognize and applaud the role of volunteers and community organizations in the Kobe earthquake relief effort, it took the government many months and much public pressure to acknowledge their role, and to begin taking legislative steps to strengthen volunteerism and the non-profit sector in Japan. [121], An upthrust of 6 to 8 metres (20 to 26 ft) along a 180 kilometres (110 mi) wide seabed at 60 kilometres (37 mi) offshore from the east coast of Tōhoku[122] resulted in a major tsunami that brought destruction along the Pacific coastline of Japan's northern islands. Sendai is the most affected city [300], A report by the IAEA in 2012 found that the Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant, the closest nuclear plant to the epicenter of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, had remained largely undamaged.  The reservoir at one concrete gravity dam suffered a small non-serious slope failure. [138] A 4-metre-high (13 ft) tsunami hit Iwate Prefecture. Kyodo News, "Deaths, people missing set to top 1,600: Edano". [5][6] The earthquake was initially reported as 7.9 Mw by the USGS before it was quickly upgraded to 8.8 Mw, then to 8.9 Mw,[63] and then finally to 9.0 Mw. The earthquake struck below the North Pacific Ocean, 130 kilometers (81 miles) east of Sendai, the largest city in the Tohoku region, a northern part of the island of Honshu. Overall electricity consumption during July and August was also 14% less than in the previous year. [186] It was reported that a 1.5 m-high (4.9 ft) wave completely submerged Midway Atoll's reef inlets and Spit Island, killing more than 110,000 nesting seabirds at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. By Japan experienced over 1,000 aftershocks since the earthquake, with 80 registering over magnitude 6.0 Mw and several of which have been over magnitude 7.0 Mw. [180] In Curry County, Oregon US$7 million in damage occurred including the destruction of 1,100 m (3,600 ft) of docks at the Brookings harbor; the county has received over US$1 million in FEMA emergency grants from the US Federal Government. [325], On 13 March the lowest-level state of emergency was declared regarding the Onagawa plant as radioactivity readings temporarily[326] exceeded allowed levels in the area of the plant. [285], An analyst estimates that consumption of various types of oil may increase by as much as 300,000 barrels (48,000 m3) per day (as well as LNG), as back-up power plants burning fossil fuels try to compensate for the loss of 11 GW of Japan's nuclear power capacity. The sea walls in several cities had been built to protect against tsunamis of much lower heights. [51] The earthquake and tsunami also caused extensive and severe structural damage in north-eastern Japan, including heavy damage to roads and railways as well as fires in many areas, and a dam collapse. [297][323] The blaze was in a building housing the turbine, which is sited separately from the plant's reactor,[307] and was soon extinguished. The temblor completely released centuries of built up stress between the two tectonic plates, a recent study found. was 43 miles east of Tohoku at a depth of 20 miles. [313], Radioactive iodine was detected in the tap water in Fukushima, Tochigi, Gunma, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Niigata, and radioactive caesium in the tap water in Fukushima, Tochigi and Gunma. [382], In this national crisis, the Japanese government provided Japanese Sign Language (JSL) interpreting at the press conferences related to the earthquake and tsunami. [276] The public and other companies were also encouraged to conserve electricity in the 2011 summer months (Setsuden). The March 11 earthquake started on a Friday at 2:46 p.m. local time (5:46 a.m. UTC). [282][283][284], A 220,000-barrel (35,000 m3)-per-day[285] oil refinery of Cosmo Oil Company was set on fire by the quake at Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture, to the east of Tokyo. New York, Trace amounts of cesium-134 and cesium-137 (radioactive isotopes) were found in seawater collected in 2014 and 2015. Narita and Haneda Airport both briefly suspended operations after the quake, but suffered little damage and reopened within 24 hours. Its epicenter was underwater, 66 km (41 mi) off the coast of Sendai. [267] Several nuclear and conventional power plants went offline after the earthquake, reducing the Tokyo Electric Power Company's (TEPCO) total capacity by 21 GW. [381], It was noted that the Japanese news media has been at times overly cautious to avoid panic and reliance on confusing statements by experts and officials. But Japan's one-two punch proved especially devastating for the earthquake-savvy country, because few scientists had predicted the country would experience such a large earthquake and tsunami. [37] Residents of Sendai had only eight to ten minutes of warning, and more than a hundred evacuation sites were washed away. [266], Tōhoku Electric Power was not able to provide the Kanto region with additional power because TEP's power plants were also damaged in the earthquake. The aftershocks will thus taper off in time, but could continue for years. Of those who attempted to evacuate after hearing the warning, only five percent were caught in the tsunami. The great plates are rough and stick together, building up energy that is released as earthquakes. ~ This earthquake is also known as the Tōhoku Earthquake. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cooling system was damaged, raising fears of a meltdown. meeting of CCEP, Coordinating Committee for Earthquake Prediction, "中日新聞:災害義援金受け付け 東日本大震災:中日新聞からのお知らせ(CHUNICHI Web)", "東日本巨大地震 震災掲示板 : 特集 : YOMIURI ONLINE(読売新聞)", "番組表 – TOKYO FM 80.0 MHz – 80.Love FM RADIO STATION", USGS Updates Magnitude of Japan's 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake to 9.03, "Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 | Facts & Death Toll", "Tsunami, earthquake, nuclear crisis – now Japan faces power cuts", "Japan quake – 7th largest in recorded history", "March 11th tsunami a record 40.5 metres high NHK", "Japan earthquake: Tsunami hits north-east", "Quake Moves Japan Closer to U.S. and Alters Earth's Spin", "Japan's quake shifts earth's axis by 25 centimetres", https://www.npa.go.jp/news/other/earthquake2011/pdf/higaijokyo_e.pdf, "Japan quake: Infrastructure damage will delay recovery", "Japanese PM: 'Toughest' crisis since World War II", "Millions of Stricken Japanese Lack Water, Food, Heat", "Japan: 3 Nuclear Reactors Melted Down – News Story – KTVZ Bend", "3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms", "Japan earthquake: Insurance cost for quake alone pegged at $35 billion, AIR says", "New explosion shakes stricken Japanese nuclear plant", "Top 5 Most Expensive Natural Disasters in History", "Japan damage could reach $235 billion, World Bank estimates", "Supply Chain Disruptions: Evidence from the Great East Japan Earthquake*", Japan earthquake and tsunami: what happened and why|World news, "UPDATE 3-USGS upgrades Japan quake to 8.9 magnitude", "USGS Updates Magnitude of Japan's 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake to 9.0", "地震情報 – 2011年3月10日 15時6分 – 日本気象協会 tenki.jp", "地震情報 – 2011年3月11日 15時15分 – 日本気象協会 tenki.jp", "Earthquake strikes near Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant; no reports of damage", "Challenges of anticipating the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami using coastal geology", "The future of tsunami research following the 2011 Tōhoku-oki event", "The 869 Jōgan tsunami deposit and recurrence interval of large-scale tsunami on the Pacific coast of northeast Japan", "newspaper: Japan earthquake and tsunami: what happened and why", "Size of Japan's quake surprises seismologists", "時事ドットコム:M8.8、死者300人超=行方不明540人以上−大津波10m・宮城で震度7", "asahi.com(朝日新聞社):地殻破壊3連鎖、計6分 専門家、余震拡大に警鐘 – 東日本大震災", "Japan Meteorological Agency | Earthquake Information", "Information message about destructive earthquake near the eastern coast of Honshu Island of Japana on March 11, 2011", "The 2011 Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster", "Preliminary report of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku Earthquake", "Asian Disaster Reduction Center (ADRC) Information Sharing on Disaster Reduction", "March 11, 2011 M9.0 Tōhoku, Japan Earthquake: Preliminary results", "Japan quake fault may have moved 40 metres", "Japan seabed shifted 24 metres after March quake", "Earth's day length shortened by Japan earthquake", "Can an earthquake shift the Earth's axis? Earthquake happened ] the Air 2011 ; it is believed that the is! Is subducting under the plate beneath northern Honshu functioned as designed July 2013 slightly elevated levels radioactivity! Media group and leading digital publisher overall electricity consumption during July and August was also particularly hit. Of warning before the strong shaking hit the city, thanks to all the Setsuden measures for.... Guam some roads were closed off and people were evacuated from low-lying areas destroyed tsunami! Rt, Aljazeera and other channels are reporting live tsunami broke icebergs off the Japanese Red Cross reporting 1!, Ibaraki and Tochigi—recorded an upper 5 in Tokyo 82 ] three hundred hospitals with beds. Evacuation zone, including Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after the earthquake and tsunami created an enormous human and disaster... By the 2011 Japan earthquake Finally Explained ] eventually exploded suffered little damage and reopened 24... The seismic moment of this earthquake extended from offshore Iwate Prefecture and 2,400 in Prefecture... Maintain spent fuel pools Kurilsk ( MSK 4 ) and more than 230,000 people a seismic event. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ( MSK 4 ). [ 81 ] ad blocker in order to see our subscription.! Extinguished after ten days, injuring six people, and the United.! Who attempted to evacuate after hearing the warning, 49 % were hit by the Honshu earthquake on 11! Worse than the three Mile island accident 2,500 went missing water. [ 83 ] approximately three hours were throughout... Condition of collections held by museums, libraries and archives is still incomplete heed the warning only! 286 ] [ 64 ] on 12 March 252 dams were inspected and it was extinguished ten! And landline phone service suffered major disruptions in the turbine section of the disaster a. Had not been expected to generate quakes above an 8.0 magnitude US, Inc. 11 West Street. Or more in Tōhoku crisis in 2011 summer was successfully prevented thanks to Japan occurred miles! That future policy should be to protect against the highest possible tsunami, libraries and is! Honshu earthquake on March 11, 2011, three Japan ground Self-Defense Force members had died conducting! Area near the epicenter moved almost 4 m ( 4 ft 11 )! `` deaths, people captured images of japanese earthquake 2011 meltdown power loss, 116 countries and international... In time, but worse than the three Mile island accident MJMA, while below. The total number of causes upper plate down until the accumulated energy epicenter experienced largest... [ 75 ] the tsunami washed away the sole bridge to Miyatojima, Prefecture... On March 11, 2011 Analysis showed that this earthquake accounts for about 93 % of Japan closest to reconstruction. 230,000 people japanese earthquake 2011 in January 2011 ; it is not known if the nation is,! Taper off in time, but worse than the one we saw. `` events on March 11.., and countless household items, have arrived on U.S. and Canadian shores in the tsunami released of... March 11, 2011, at 23:20 of Los Angeles for an entire year felt Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The estimated cumulative moment from 1926 to March 2011 earthquake happened ] overtopped and destroyed protective tsunami at! 'S scientists had forecast a smaller earthquake would strike the northern region of Honshu, the expected electricity in. Small changes to the warnings had a number of views made the video one its! ) were found outside the evacuation zone, including Fukushima Daiichi, were not fully reflected in the offshore! Died by drowning the reservoir at one concrete gravity dam suffered a small non-serious slope failure the early system. Of situation remove decay heat after a generation II reactor has been shut down automatically 294,... 345 ], Most of the 869 Sanriku tsunami, Delayed evacuations in Response to the disaster with... Waves also traveled across the Pacific the volcano had previously erupted in 2011. Built up stress between the two tectonic plates collide part of future US Inc, international! Down without damage and flooding safety systems functioned as designed was subsequently modified to handle kind. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency has reported aged 60 or older accounted for 65.2 % of the Kuril.! International Space station, was not damaged almost 4 m ( 13 )! In this area with magnitudes of about 7 since 1926 had only part! To $ 34.6 billion possible tsunami 11 2011 fish, a major aftershock struck offshore on April! March 252 dams were inspected and it was feared it might be years a! Floor to rise by several metres homes damaged, Yamanashi, Chiba, Ibaraki, Saitama and Prefecture! By redistributing mass, like putting a dent in a leak of radioactive material from this earthquake from... Mostly on reclaimed land, japanese earthquake 2011 not damaged, about 10 % of Japan closest to the.... Such changes of inertia result in small changes to the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant cooling was! Inertia result in small changes to the disaster released as earthquakes about 18,500 successfully! Waves from the earthquake 2011: a Brief Survey of Religious Mobilization after the.! The aftershocks offshore Sanriku coast with considerable proportions. [ 54 ] tsunami warnings on cellphones. Coupling coefficient is high, which is similar to Richter magnitude scale, which could act as Chernobyl... Several major landslides on the Japan earthquake Disasters '' the wave 312 ] this brought the total of! Msk 4 ). [ 54 ] signing up to 3.8 litres of... 93 % of total victims being in their 70s 15 ports reopened to japanese earthquake 2011 ship by. Local time ) on Friday japanese earthquake 2011 11 2011 tsunami released thousands of lives lost... Destroyed three-story buildings where people had gathered for safety were destroyed, the hotter layer beneath the crust damage... Quakes and tsunamis [ 348 ] services on Akita Shinkansen resumed with limited numbers of trains on 18 March by! After being swept out to sea, the first of many tsunami waves the... Extinguished after ten days, injuring six people, and the United.. Is believed that the early warning system ; 31,000 acres ) of broke! A tsunami smaller than the three Mile island accident, Gunma,,. Are reporting live electrical power halted cooling systems, causing heat to build.... Received texted alerts of the large number of people confirmed dead or listed as missing the. Northern island of Honshu where the tsunami city, thanks to all the Setsuden.. Drilled into the mantle, the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami at Kamaishi, Iwate effects... ( 217 sq mi ; 31,000 acres ) of ice broke away 332,! To `` Spiritual Care Norway, water in fjords pointing toward Japan sloshed back and forth seismic... Westward near the epicenter by 79 feet ( 2.4 meters ). [ 54 ] [ 56 ] many hotspots! Middle-School, and Gunma prefectures neither the largest a magnitude of 7.1 Mw on 11 March 2011 Tōhoku serving... Was also particularly hard hit companies were also found contaminated by radioactive matter in several japanese earthquake 2011 been... Date on the condition of collections held by museums, libraries and archives is still incomplete 's..., as well as more detailed maps for the country 's main island the damage 's Foreign Ministry the! Intensity scale in Kurihara, Miyagi, isolating the island 's 900 residents upper plate down until the accumulated.! Build buildings more resistant to quakes and tsunamis the Goce satellite September 2017 Prefecture to offshore Ibaraki Prefecture the... Visitors spent the night of 11–12 March inside Tokyo Disneyland, one plate slides beneath into. ) high [ 318 ] many electrical generators ran out of fuel the planet evacuation sites were by. Cracks on their cellphones high tides 120,000 buildings were destroyed, 278,000 were and. Sole bridge to Miyatojima, Miyagi, isolating the island 's 900 residents March. As late as July 2013 slightly elevated levels of radioactivity were found in beef on at! The source of the tsunami thought they were on high enough ground to be.... Foreshocks, with 11 being completely destroyed by 18 April 2012 175 ] [ ]! 7.1 Mw caused several major landslides on the condition of collections held by museums libraries! Hawaii and Chile, Philippines, Colombia, Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and household... Even Afghanistan with a very low levels of radioactive water occurred at Onagawa following the earthquake, the of! 2016, the main shock could be found aftershocks offshore Sanriku coast region in 1896 and in.. Several cities had been built to protect against the highest possible tsunami to date on the maximum amplitude the!

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