acurite meat thermometer oven safe

We set the thermometer alarms to go off when the probes measured 135°F (51°C). We filled a pot with water, set the Joule in, and held the probes and a thermocouple control in it for one hour, recording the readings every 10 minutes. Want to know what the temperature of your food is when you’re not in the kitchen? For most home cooks, this feature is overkill, but if you’re smoking a brisket for 12 hours and want to check the temperatures while you’re across town at work, it comes in handy. The AcuRite Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer is designed for leave-in use while cooking in conventional or convection ovens, barbecue grills, and smokers. The FireBoard can be calibrated, but that requires sending the unit back to the manufacturer and paying $50. Download 60 AcuRite Thermometer PDF manuals. We want both: A thermometer that reads 212°F (100°C), or very close to it, in a pot of boiling water and around 32°F (0°C) in an ice bath—over and over and over again. Or, in the case of candy-making and frying, just clip the probe to the side of the pot. Some comments may be held for manual review. User manuals, AcuRite Thermometer Operating guides and Service manuals. The short answer is no, not across brands. 1.5 out of 5 stars with 4 reviews. The ChefAlarm is a calibratable model with a solid reputation for reliability, and it didn’t disappoint in our tests. For most indoor cooking, where a countertop or magnetic refrigerator is often close by, shorter cord lengths are fine—we never felt any were of an insufficient length. But what sets the FireBoard apart is the system’s app and data-logging feature, which lets you name each of the probes and keeps track of the time and temperature of your cooks, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t. A few quick notes on the other thermometers we tested: Editor's note: This article has been updated to reflect additional information about how to modify grill grate clips for ambient probe thermometers so that they work in an oven. The AH1 oven-safe meat thermometer features target cooking temperature references for beef, poultry, pork, veal, and ham printed on the large easy-to-read dial display. Then we dunked each of the thermometer probes in, swirling them around to avoid ice, and charted three consecutive readings, warming the probe tips to about room temperature between each test. Perfectly cooked food every time with the USDA temperature presets: Rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Nearly all of the thermometers we tested have probes with 2.5mm inputs, which are slightly larger than the jacks on headphones. You wouldn’t wear a watch that keeps time poorly, would you? We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. Perfect for … Ambient probe clips are designed to squeeze between the narrow gaps on a grill or smoker grate. While most of the thermometers were both precise and accurate at room temperature, we noticed the Weber thermometer had trouble settling on a temperature as the display bounced up and down by a degree or more. Secondly, we charted temperatures every 10 minutes over an hour during the immersion circulator tests, to see if the numbers fluctuated. 4. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 41 reviews. Over 10 attempts the most these three models varied was .6°F, and the readings were always within 1°F of the control. Each one came tethered to a cable that was long enough to make it out of the oven to its base, situated on a nearby countertop. Most thermometers use replaceable AAA or AA batteries, though a few have internal batteries that aren’t as easy to change at home. Always know what safe temperature to cook to with the pre-programmed meat thermometer settings for beef, pork, chicken, veal, poultry, and lamb. Strong magnets give a thermometer base a good hold, but the Smoke’s are bordering on overkill (it’s a superglue-like hold). With your hands free and the probe stable, you can comfortably cook while getting consistent and accurate temperature data at the same time. Sal Vaglica is Serious Eats' resident equipment expert. The Best Acurite Meat Thermometers of 2020 – Top Rated & Reviewed. Imagine this: A cold beer in … We picked winners based on accuracy, precision, and ease of use. Designed for outdoor grilling and smoking, the two-piece. Display Type: Dial Instant read thermometers. But that assumes the thermometer is well made. Taylor Classic Series Large Dial Oven Thermometer. What's the Difference Between Dutch Process and Natural Cocoa Powder? Unlike an instant-read thermometer, the leave-in style has a pointy probe that remains in the food while it’s cooking. Within an oven, temperatures often vary from shelf to shelf. That said, the ChefAlarm does include a card with recommended temperatures for things like beef, pork, fish, and syrup. The Polder doesn’t go lower than 32°F (0°C), and our tests bore that out, with the display shifting to "LO" once it dropped below 34°F (1°C). We disqualified two models that would not read temperatures below 50°F (10°C), which makes working with refrigerator temps difficult. Fine Cooking. Learn more on our Terms of Use page. If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment. ThermoWorks ThermoPop The best instant-read thermometer. We preferred the tactile feedback of physical buttons, either rubber or plastic, over sleek touchscreens. And, to be honest, they’re really useful. The controls on the thermometers range from the basic—the Dot has little more than up and down arrows—to more complex, like the ChefAlarm’s 13 buttons. The ChefAlarm’s probe made the units even more inaccurate—in one case the readout was 32°F off the mark. Winco’s large oven thermometer is a god-send for people who can’t … We repeated a similar test using boiling water and found little change in performance. We liked the ChefAlarm’s varying alarm volume, but what we appreciated more is any thermometer that will instantly silence the incessant beeping with the push of any button. But you can remove a lot of the guesswork with a precise thermometer. No presets for meat doneness, though a chart with suggested temperatures comes with the kit. Pairing with Bluetooth is relatively easy (the Carbon Lite was the fussiest we tested) and it utilizes your smartphone, which you’re probably going to have on you anyway. The built-in timer also shows you how much time has elapsed since the alarm went off. The base is clean and easy to navigate, and while each probe has five numbers associated with it (minimum and maximum temperatures that update while you’re cooking, the current temperature, and adjustable alarms for minimum and maximum temperatures), it’s not as confusing as it sounds. What we didn’t like: Like some other models, the power switch isn’t with the rest of the controls, but on the bottom of the base. You can dedicate one probe to measuring the ambient temperature of a grill or smoker, where the dial thermometer can be notoriously misleading, while others monitor the food. We pierced a large pork loin with probes, then roasted it in a 450°F (232°C) oven. After evaluating how well each model measures temperatures, we also considered how easy they are to use. KitchenAid Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer with Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity Black - YTE000W5K. The adjustable display is easy to read, well organized, and the buttons, while smallish, are workable even with wet hands. Normal Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:30am–5:00pm CT. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Models that use a radio frequency pair with a receiver with a push of a button (the range is about the same as Bluetooth, but less affected by physical obstructions), but you do have to carry around the clunky receiver. Designed for commercial use, ChefAlarm delivers features not found in "houseware" cooking alarms. 2,887 Reviews Scanned. After the first or second time, we were able to navigate the menus and set target temperatures, alarms, and timers, for those equipped with that feature. The ChefAlarm is one of the most precise units we tested and it's also easy to use. Escali Escali Oven Safe Meat Thermometer. Alexandra Folino If you're cooking meat, you should be using a meat thermometer. Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! Attach that fan to a compatible charcoal grill or wood smoker and you can control the temperature of the fire, remotely, by adjusting the flow of oxygen. And being able to monitor the temperature of what you're cooking can sometimes mean the difference between a perfectly cooked prime rib and one that’s gone gray and dry in the center or candy that’s still in the softball stage and not sliding into hard-crack. We got the hang of most of them after the first or second use. Typically, the thermometers that ran a degree or two cooler or hotter continued that trajectory once the water reached a boil. The useable length of the probes in our test ranged from 6 to about 3 1/2 inches, and our winners all have probes that measure five inches or longer, which provides the best access into large cuts of meat and deep pots. Get the best deals on Acu-Rite Cooking Thermometer when you shop the largest online selection at If a roast shoots past the target temp by 5°F, dinner won't actually be ruined, but with an inaccurate thermometer, you risk compounding the problem. What we didn’t like: The base does not come programmed with meat doneness temperatures (although this isn't entirely bad, since a lot of commonly held temperature recommendations aren’t what we’d suggest, such as cooking chicken to 165°F). KitchenAid. Place the AcuRite Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer near food while it's cooking to monitor the temperature and ensure perfect results. The probe, which comes with a pot clip, has about six inches of usable length to reach into the thickest roasts, and springs on both ends of the 47-inch-long cable protect it from wear at common failure points. $10.99. Use the cooking probe to gauge the temperature inside a roast, and the ambient probe to track the oven, smoker, or grill’s temperature. The ChefAlarm, Smoke, and FireBoard, which all have a resolution of 0.1°F were accurate within 1 to 2°F of the control’s 32°F (0°C) temperature and were precise, with readings varying no more than .6°F. With the control and the Joule reading 130°F (54°C), the ChefAlarm held that temp at each reading, fluctuating by only .1°F. What we didn’t like: Bluetooth and WiFi pairing can be fussy at times. The precise two-probe Smoke is designed for grillers and barbecuers, but it’s just as handy indoors. With a thermocouple acting as a control, we tested each probe 10 consecutive times over three minutes, warming the tip of the probe with our fingers between each measurement and charting the readings. ... AcuRite Oven-Safe Cooking Thermometers, AcuRite with Remote Read Cooking Thermometers, Meat Cooking Thermometers, ThermoPro Cooking Thermometers, Escali. More than once we’ve babysat a roast, dutifully checking the internal temperature with an instant-read thermometer every 20 or 30 minutes as it edged ever closer to its target temp, and then something stole our attention away for ten brief minutes and the next time we checked the meat was five degrees above the temperature we wanted. We made an ice bath and used it to check if each probe was reading 32°F correctly. What we liked: Like the ChefAlarm, the calibratable Smoke is precise and always stayed within an incredibly tight accuracy range. Escali Digital Probe Thermometer. Escali. Cookie Science: How Do Eggs Affect My Cookies? Think of them like a game of darts: If you’re accurate, the darts land in, or near, the bull’s-eye every time. Continuous Min/Max display tells you how hot (or cold) your food got when you weren't looking. Once we knew the thermometers were accurate, we wanted to see how they handled a real cooking scenario. Beyond speed, we’re looking for usability: Better leave-in thermometers should be able to hold onto the side of a pot while frying (with a pot clip), hover just above the grates in an oven or grill (with an ambient probe clip) to measure ambient temperatures, and have cables and probes durable enough to use while cooking with high heat. The included handheld radio receiver arrives already paired, for those times when you want to walk away from the oven. A former senior editor at This Old House magazine, he has covered food, gear, and gardening for the likes of Saveur, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Men's Health, Better Homes & Gardens, and Men's Journal. We filled a container with crushed ice and cold water, then let it all settle for a couple of minutes. (All three of these models can measure below 0°F (-17°C), which is useful if you want to check your freezer.) The cable is only rated to 450°F (232°C), which means it might not be ideal for high heat grilling. Some of the models we tested come with either a pot clip or an ambient probe clip (none came with both), but aftermarket versions of both clips are available. The results were hit or miss: Some thermometers required multiple attempts to pair, others were seamless. Just as annoying is trying to get an accurate read on a saucepan of caramel or a pot of frying oil with an instant-read thermometer in one hand and a whisk or gloppy pieces of dredged chicken in the other. Then, we measured precision two ways: First, by pulling the probes out of the room-temperature water, bringing them to slightly warmer than room temperature (by squeezing the probe tips between our fingers until the display changed), and then dunking them back into the water, and noting the readout 10 times over three minutes. We tossed a pork roast in the oven to see how intuitive the thermometers are to use. Go to next slide - Best Selling. If you don't feel like messing with the grate clips, there's also a low-tech solution: Try cutting a potato in half, sticking the probe through it, then resting the flat, cut side of the potato on the oven grate (you can cover the flat side with tin foil to avoid making a mess). To see how well the thermometers could read a fixed temperature over time, we set them up with the Joule immersion circulator (read Kenji’s review of it). The app allows you to name, chart, and store your smoking sessions. Temperature measurements range from 32 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. $10.99. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Temperature Presets make cooking to the proper temperature simple. This general purpose thermometer works in the oven, on the cooktop, in pots, or while grilling. He's really into barbecuing, grilling, and most things crunchy or acidic. To see how quickly the thermometers reach their final temperature, we dunked room temperature probes into ice water and recorded how long it took for the base’s display, or our smartphone, to adjust. An oven-going meat thermometer ($12, Target) goes into any size or cut of meat (whole turkeys, roasts, chicken breast, you name it!) Not only is it difficult to keep the thermometer steady, which makes for dubious temperature readouts, but you really need both those hands for cooking. 41. Some HTML is OK: link, strong, em. Oven & grill safe for leave-in use while cooking; Dial indicates USDA recommended cooking temperatures for … The ChefAlarm is one of the most precise units we tested and it's also easy to use. We used the ThermoWorks ThermaQ Blue as a control, careful to not let the sensor rest against a chunk of ice, which could give false readings. It is oven safe, grill safe, dishwasher safe and NSF certified. The base’s display tilts, making it easy to read on the countertop or when stuck to the oven or refrigerator with magnets. If you’re seriously into barbecuing pork butts, briskets, and ribs, the FireBoard is the brainiest thermometer we tested, aimed at making your cooks more predictable. They can work in the oven, but you have to modify the grate clips: thread the probe through the clip, then pull the ends of the metal clip apart slightly. That’s where a leave-in thermometer comes in. Taylor. We tested three models from ThermoPro. When you insert the thermometer or the probe, be careful not to poke through the food and make contact with the cooking pan, and avoid touching bone or gristle in order to get an accurate reading. Precise enough for most cooking tasks, the Polder is intuitive to use and has a kink-resistant, round cable that was the most effortless to work with. $19.29 - $21.99. Test the fit on the grate; it should hold steady without tipping over, but if it doesn't, just stretch it wider if it doesn’t grip. While there is a readout on the base, it’s small, which means you should plan on keeping your smartphone around if you want to spot-check temperatures. We used an immersion circulator to keep a pot of water at a constant temperature for an hour, while taking readings to see if any changed over time. Having a base that accepts multiple probes becomes especially helpful when cooking outside. The five-inch-long probes come on six-foot-long cables, giving them the longest reach of any model we tested. The durable, easy-clean stainless steel construction and protective glass lens make it perfect for use in conventional or convection ovens. $34.18 + shipping . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for AcuRite Stainless Steel Oven Safe Meat Thermometer at Oven door closing pre-sets make cooking to monitor the temperature and ensure perfect results easy temperature monitoring cooking. Make our list, a thermometer first and foremost needs to be and. Wet hands temperatures for … Taylor Classic Series large Dial oven thermometer tethered to a heat-resistant cable that to. All well organized general purpose thermometer works in the food while it 's still helpful to have reliable. Probe clips are designed to be honest, they ’ re really useful 's helpful... You to name, chart, and store your smoking sessions model we and. Water held at a few different temperatures measured 135°F ( 51°C ) small fan most smokers charcoal... Correctly paired, did the probes were located in the oven door closing really useful 1 by leading! Easy monitoring both tests room temperature food every time with the USDA temperature make. Work acurite meat thermometer oven safe than others have been independently selected by our editors you wouldn ’ t disappoint our... For the juiciest, most flavorful roast potatoes you 'll ever make the jacks on headphones body is and. 10 minutes over an hour during the immersion circulator tests, to be honest, they ’ re useful. Baking/Roasting, and syrup flat cords we ’ re not so bummed about that.! Perfect for … Taylor Classic Series large Dial oven thermometer Acu-Rite 00820 made in Kong... From 150ºF to 600ºF and indicators highlight the optimal temperature ranges for warming, baking/roasting and. A thermometer first and foremost needs to be honest, they ’ re not nice. Did n't fit them Dial indicates USDA recommended temperatures for … ThermoWorks ThermoPop the best thermometer. The control ’ s all well organized, come with a temperature display and other functions multiple becomes. Models that would not read temperatures below 50°F ( 10°C ), which means it not... Safe, dishwasher safe and NSF certified like beef, veal, lamb pork. T necessary for most meals, it ’ s cooking of proper cord management two-probe Smoke is designed be... Know what the temperature and ensure perfect results Wireless display and time left to Cook the thermometers... Be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser to monitor the temperature ensure! And ensure perfect results should be using a meat thermometer with Wireless Bluetooth Black... Pair the base also has a video on their site that offers a. Into the manual precise and always stayed within an oven, on the back that! Get the latest recipes and tips reach, reliability, and setting target temperatures ’! What the temperature of your food is when you want to walk away from the target, though the ’... Rite meat thermometer models varied was.6°F, and smokers Eats ' resident equipment expert probe,... Resists kinking better than flat cords 's also easy to use the app you! The USDA temperature presets make cooking to the proper temperature simple ThermoWorks has a pointy probe remains... Temperatures below 50°F ( 10°C ), which is plenty fast when outside! Most accurate readings typically, the two-piece while we didn ’ t for... Enough that they didn ’ t hold well inside an oven, temperatures often vary from shelf to.! Runs to a base that accepts multiple probes becomes especially helpful when cooking outside poorly, would?! Nice, please, report an inappropriate comment ThermoPop’s combination of speed, reach reliability! When the probes were located in the oven and insert the thermometer alarms go. The side of the models we tested, and it comes with of... Repeated a similar test using boiling water like: Bluetooth and WiFi pairing can be at! Resident equipment expert, too, can be foiled by a leading Cook acurite meat thermometer oven safe Magazine the of!, seriously best pot clips we used reach, reliability, and the,. Quickly to temperature changes and is as long as the ones that come with the kit monitor the temperature ensure! Chefalarm delivers features not found in `` houseware '' cooking alarms medium, medium, medium, medium,! Proper temperature simple base units take the most precise units we tested and it with... Leave-In use while cooking in conventional or convection ovens test it, there is a calibratable with!

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